Art resources

My partner is an artist. Shes very good you know! She makes jewelry in real life, sculpting beads from clays and stuff.

Anywhos, was the first page i made for this site, and ive had a look for guides to art packages on Linux. The main programs ive looked for is Gimp, Inkscape, and Blender. All applications on linux, all downloadable from the application directorys in the ‘good application directory’ post on this site ^^


Gimp is a free image editing package. Its available for Linux and Windows.
Deviant Art Tutorials
Tutorialized Tutorials
Abduzeedo Gimp Galaxy


Inkscape is a free drawing tool, feels similar to Corel Draw.

Inkscape Docs
Free PDF Guide
Inkscape Video Guides
More Video Tutorials (scroll to bottom)


Blender is a 3D modelling program. Havent used it myself but heard some say they prefer it to Maya.

Blenders Main Tutorials
Tutorialized Tutorials
Blender Nation
Ibiblios Tutorials

Misc Art Stuff

A sample texture site (seriously recomended viewing regardless of your art software!)

Hope somebody out there finds these links useful ^^


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