Installing a .bin file

Im not ashamed to admit, when i first found a .bin file 3 years ago, i was clueless how to install it. I must have tried a dozen times but couldnt figure it out. I was on an appaling 28k dial up connection so rampantly google searching wasnt much of an option. Im pretty sure i even gave up first time i met one, sad aye? ^^ So, for those new to linux heres how to install a .bin file in Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros.

First we need to navigate to your file through terminal. If you skip this step Ubuntu will assume the file your trying to change in is in your home folder. If its in another folder within your home folder then you will either have to navigate to it, or move it to an easier to navigate to folder. The command you need to navigate is:

cd Path_to_file

Remember, the path will be case sensitive. I normaly have my downloads on my desktop so in my case:

cd Desktop

Got it? Great! the beggining of your terminal should now have the path you enterd at the beggining of the line.

Now we need to change the file into a file we can execute. Enter the following command with the right file name.

chmod +x file_name.bin

That should make the file executable. Nothing actually seems to happen, dont worry, its happened. Now last but not least, execute it with the command:


The ‘./’ at the beggining of that is important. You sometimes get a lot of text roll up the screen. Dont worry, that normaly just means its worked. If you have to do anymore, instructions often appear, so dont worry.

Hope someone finds this helpfull!


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