Guildwars, WINE & ATI. It now works!

This has been a combination to give even the most hardened Linux veterans a headache. It just hasnt worked for ages. Debating about what causes it, ATI’s drivers or a problem in WINE. It seems like forever scince i last logged into to the lands of Tyria to say hello to my guildes.

I am however happy to say, as of WINE 1.1.4 Guildwars works!

With catalyst 8.6 drivers in both Ubuntu and Mint XFCE, ive had Guildwars working. Its not particuarly pretty right now, it acts like i have a graphics card that cant handle tnl effects. However it plays fine and doesnt crash with both a radeon x1950 and a 2400 HD. Fanbloodytastic is all i can say ^^

Untill i logged on… Aha… In my abscence my old guild has split into 2 guilds, theres some hate on either side. Both guilds would like me to be their friend…. Yarr! Ive known these guys for over a year and a half. I meet some of them in real life. Thats some hard decision to make. I think ill turn Guildwars back off again hehe ^^


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