For those that have never heard of it, Savage is an online FPS / RTS available on Linux and Windows. Theres been a sequal to the popular first game with stunning graphics. The idea behind the game is a battle (usually between humans and beasts) in an RTS style. However, with just one commander each side, everyone else plays the parts of the ground troops. Sounds odd right? Trust me its fantastic!

The match will start with each commander asking his troops to mine areas and build structures. New structures can mean on respawning, troops can select new weapons, or even new unit types. Building, mining, and repairing buildings is all done by friendly players attacking what they are trying to build. Sounds a bit backwards bit in its simplicity, it works.

As for population of the game, theres almost always a good few hundred people to play against in Savage 1 still all the time. So even in Savage 1 you will always get a game.

Savage 1 is free, Savage 2 has a demo then costs about $20 for the full game. Both available here :

Heres some screenies to wet your appetitie.

Savage 1

Savage 2




Gamesspots image collection

Hope to see you ingame! ^^



  1. Vadi said,

    September 25, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    Those are s1 screenies… and they look quite good! Never played s1, but I’m on s2, nick is “Vadi”.

  2. naikimuli said,

    September 25, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Savage 1 often appears more populated than Savage 2. Not only is it free its more quick fire and rampant than Savage 2 ^^ Though they are both fantastic games and youll never be short of a game in either 1 or 2.

    Hmm im sure i put a load of Savage 2 pictures on this post when i put it up ^^ Something for me to ad dlater i guess hehe.

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