Second Life’s linux blenders

Ive been ambling around second life this last few days. Being english im still trying to spell it ‘secound’ ^^. Ive floated through this game a few times before but not realy stuck.

This time i drifted in, drifted about, didnt see much. I was about to leave again when i was stopped by a bear. ‘Ahh another furrie’ he said. Just then a small dragon appeared at my feet ‘ello squire’ he chirped. I replied with some ellos and we got chatting.

It appeared they both used Blender. Its a 3d modeling app on linux, see the applications catagory on the right for more info. Now, when they said about Blender i said id written about it on my linux blog. The conversation went on and i soon found out theres quite a linux 3d modeling community there.

Blender also very much seems to be a much used app there. The 3d modelers are divided into 3 camps. Those that use the ingame modeler, which is kinda naff. Those that use Maya, and those that use Blender. Blender seems to have a real following there.

I have tried Blender myself, i quickly realised i dont have a creative bone in my body, so ill leave that to the missus ^^. If you do use Blender and have some immagination, have a nosey about Second Life. You may find some like minded people and make some new friends. Always a nice thing aye ^^


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