Second Life : Destiny’s Strip Club

Another adventure in Second Life! An MMO with a native Linux client (Check the Linux MMO page for more info). This week involving a very friendly and social strip club.

After giving an online friend my blog address she noticed i play SL. She hoped into the game, found me and sent me an IM telling me she was in SL and already working as a stripper. After closing the IM box, i didnt know how to send an IM back… Nub i know ^^

I had a look for her and very quickly found her loafing about in Destiny’s. Its an escort and strip club. It feels more just like a friendly bar than a strip club to be honest. They have a price list of things they will do for any guys, or girls, interested. Everything from a snog and a dance, up to private rooms for, what im told, many sexual tastes caterd for. Interesting eh? ^^


The girls there dance away on a dance floor and you can take your pick of who you would like to entertain you. Theres always a nice selection of girls on the floor, all are very friendly, with fantastic senses of humour. Theres not one girl working there who i think badly of.

Part of my high opinion comes from the fact that, well, to be honest, i dont hire them for anything. Ive been going there on and off for a week now, poking my nose in the door, saying hello, a friendly bit of banter, then im gone. Ive got a real life girlfriend, and i dont realy wanting to be doing anything naughty with someone online (id feel like i was properly cheating on her, oddball arnt i?). But they are still always welcoming and chatty when they see me.

So after a few days there and telling them im feeling bad about not contributing to the business they tell me its a sort of social place too. Had a few IM’s with one them and found Destinys was run for fun and freindship aswell as a business. Id seen a couple of guys go in there for business, but to be honest, it does largely seem like just a friendly place you know? Not the, i guess ‘seedy’ kind of sex location you normaly find in SL.

On a visit tonight, i found they had moved, Mags (one of the owners) had been beavering away building a new club. Shes done a great job. It looks utterly fantastic (slurl at the bottom of this post). As always on entering, plenty of jiggling girls on the dance floor. Warm friendly atmosphere, plenty of hellos. Plenty of seating, a bar to quench your thirst, and a few new girls applying for positions there. Brilliant stuff id say.

So, if you happen to be wandering in Second Life, and would like a night out, pop your head into the door of Destiny’s. Have a chat with the girls, give them some business, they are very accommodating and theres plenty of choice. ^^

They can be found at :

Start up Second Life and follow the url to be taken to their club. Go and say hello!

Thanks to Mags, Millie and Leelou for letting me loiter in your club! ^^


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