Naiux – Random musings

I had been on and off using Linux for about 3 years before finaly making the full leap from windows to Linux early this year. About Febuary i think, Ubuntu Hardy Heron was still going through alpha/beta testing. Scince moving to Linux fully ive tried a few different distros but always come back to Ubuntu.

I found myself loving the XFCE desktop, so often dipped to Xubuntu. It never quite gripped me though. I realy liked Linux Mint XFCE community edition. A cracking distro with some pretty GUI’s and general looks. Plenty of great wallpapers and all sorts. The other XFCE type of Ubuntu i tried was a manual bit by bit install from the Ubuntu Minimal install ISO. It just installs the base system and lets you build it bit by bit.

So this brings me to today. Ive tried using a program called Remasterys before. It will turn the Ubuntu you are using into an instalable ISO. That got me thinking a bit creatively. All this and my previous fun with XFCE and linux in general has got me thinking of making my own remix of Ubuntu. Id kinda like the idea of having a self built Ubuntu derivative on my PC.

So i guess this is where Naiux begins! Naiux being the name of course…. As you can see my name being Naiki, this remix being called Naiux, ive clearly put a lot of thought into this so far…. Hehe

I dont realy know where im going with this right now though. I have some ideas for the direction id take and what applications i would put in but nothing set in stone yet. Although one thing is certain. This is not going to be a special distro. My aim is not to be top of Its not going to be centerd about a community or make any great breakthroughs. I dont have the time or inclination or even skill for that stuff! This is simply going to be my remix of Ubuntu, for me, and anyone else who would like to give it a spin. If this ever goes up for download i will have to figure out how to make a torrent. Well at least i might take something of a small education away from this little project! Hehe.

‘Whats this site for then?’ i hear you say. I mean if theres a chance im not even going to put it up for download why write about it? Well to be honest, i dont know why im writing about it right now when its just musings. I guess while i write this i can point out any glaring mistakes i make or things i learn. So hopefully, when the next guy to come along has a go at remixing Ubuntu, they can look at this site and say ‘aaaah look what that silly sod did! I wont make them mistakes!’ and they may have more success than me! Hehe


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