Ubuntu minimal install

Oki, so I have bought this subject up before. The minimal install of Ubuntu. Its a 9mb ISO (yes 9mb!) and just installs the base of Ubuntu. No graphical desktop, no file manager, not even Synaptic. Ive had people argue with me untill they were blue in the face that every install of Ubuntu came with Gnome, and putting XFCE over Gnome would result in a slow desktop environment. Well, these people are right and wrong. Installing XFCE over Gnome will make for a slower system. But most people that respond with that are adamant they are right, and dont even realise there is a minimal install with nothing on it (even people with over 3000 posts on Ubuntu forums who should know better will argue about this ^^ ).

I thought id share two links with you. The first is to Ubuntus minimal install download page. It has all the tiny ISO’s for several generations of Ubuntu. From this you can download the minimal install and try doing what I am doing yourself!

The second is to a cracking blog where someone has a basic guide to getting you started with a minimal install. Now I have done this ‘minimal install’ thing before, so there is not much for me to learn from this site. Its a shame I did not see this before my first try before summer this year. I would have realised why when I installed my XFCE environment, why it would not boot into it for the first 300 attempts! Hehe

So without further waffle, here is the linkys!

Ubuntus minimal install ISO’s page

Disambiguations Guide to an Ubuntu minimal install


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