What do i want in Naiux?

What do i want in Naiux? Well things i use of course! I dont actually use many non web based programs. Its either MMO’s or web programs all the way. So i guess this kinda sets the guide for what will be in Naiux.

Well for starters then i need a web browser. I seem to flit between Flock and Firefox the most. So i guess ill put in Flock if im able. For those that havent heard of Flock its a massivley overblown version of Firefox, which integrates with all sorts of blog websites and photo websites. Following that… I dont actually know.

I hope i am able to put a couple of MMORPG clients onto the install disk. However, i have no idea if its even legal to redistribute free clients for free. Ive never seen any of the 3 games id think of putting in on a Linux distro. 2 of them are actually quite modern and advanced. I think an email to both companys is in order before i put this together for a Torrent. Either way though, Naiux is mainly intended just for me. I cant imagine theres anything illegal about downloading a free client the redistributing it to yourself? Hehe

Lastly for now, codecs! I liked this very much with mint that came with all the codecs pre installed. No sudo apt-get’ing after an install. As long as i have room, ill be fitting in as many codecs as i can! Hehe


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