My rememberance of some problems

Ive been having a fiddle with a base install this last few days and i have remembered a couple of odd things from last time i tried this. One thing was the nice and easy way you can install some things from synaptic and have all your dependent packages taken care off. When doing a base minimal install, if not everything comes from synaptic then you can be left wondering what dependencies are needed, if you dont know your stuff that is.

Unfortunately i do not know my stuff hehe. I am however always learning. I have a remixed copy of Xubuntu that i am currently using. Very remixed hehe. Now i cant find whats in Xubuntu on the net (as in all the packages). So i am going to turn my desktop’s remix into an ISO. Install that on my laptop, then i can browse my remixed Xubuntus packages while fiddling with my minimal install.

If your reading that youll see what an utter newbie i am to this sort of thing. However, after having a browse through my desktops synaptic tonight, i have learnt more things! Again, as i have said before, this whole Naiux thing is so i can learn something. Today i have learnt something new, and hopefully over the coming months i will learn even more!

You never know, i might have a finished desktop by the time Jaunty Jackolope arrives hehe.


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