A split decision for Naiux

One of my issues with Xubuntu was i had a few things I would do in it that would cause a small hang. Such as typing in my sudo password. It just seemed to sit there for a minute wondering what to do. In addition, the RAM used seemed to be more with Xubuntu than with minimal Ubuntu install with XFCE on top.

I have just upgraded my main desktops Xubuntu to Intrepid Ibex and found the minor hangs and I guess ‘bloaty’ feel I had from Xubuntu previously had gone. Now I know I wanted to have Ubuntu from scratch but I suddenly feel I would like to have a solid base of Xubuntu as my base. Made by people who know their stuff far more than I do.

I want my own flavour on my PC very much, but at least by remixing Xubuntu I am getting a good solid base to my PC. What is the point of making your own flavour of Linux if it does not work? So I guess now I have to make a decision don’t I. Ubuntu + XFCE or Xubuntu base?


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