The visual theme for Naiux

I was thinking of something a little different for the theme. I havent seen many XFCE distros that by default move away from the light grey panels. The grey’ish panels always just remind me of the older windows, 95, 98, 2000, ME. I realy liked the dust sort of looks of some of the mock themes for Ibex. Ok, so its realy just a darker grey, but i thought it was pretty funky. Thats what brings me to the theme i currently use. Its called NewCarbonit, its up on Heres a link to it:

Pretty funky isnt it? Well, i quite like it anywhos! Hehe, so thats what id like Naiux’s themes to be. Fairly modern looking, dusty, and not to windows 95’ish ^.^


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