Further thinking, smaller OS

So ive been thinking a bit more about this whole Naiux thing. I had a brief experiment the other day to see how big the ISO was going to be with a base Ubuntu install with XFCE and a hand full of apps. Well, its ruddy tiny! I thought for a minute about this. You know, perhaps that’s the way i should go. Keep the actual apps on the system to a minimum, leave the rest to online apps.

In my opinion, if you have not heard of at least one online application suite, you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months. From Microsoft’s online services to Google Docs. From Zoho to Lotus Symphony. These are the apps i should be using with this idea. The original concept of Naiux was to be an online app based distro. Now this is going to mean this will be some seriously stripped down OS. Something which i am quite partial too. I don’t like having epic sprawling menus of crud i never use.

Though how odd would it be to have like 3-4 things in your accessories menu, 1 thing in your media menu, 5 things in your settings menu, then perhaps a full network menu. Well, i guess i should go looking at these online suites in more detail. Though i have to admit, Lotus Symphony does sound realy cool… I mean that is a name that oozes style to me. I wonder if its re-distributable. ^.^


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