Goods news on the MMO front

I just found out something about Second Life! Its good news too ^.^ Not only can the Linux SL client be freely redistributed, its open source! I didnt realise that before hehe!

I know theres quite a few gaming releases of Ubuntu (Ultimate Edition and others), i will post the reply i recieved so you can all see it. The email i sent to Linden Labs asked:

Can the Linux SL cleint be re distributed for free? Can it be re distributed packaged within a linux distro?

Heres the reply:

Greetings, Naiki.

As far as I can see, that would be no problem at all.

“For those of you just joining us, Linden Lab is making the Second Life viewer source code available as open source, enabling developers to download the Second Life end user software and make modifications and additions to the code.

What do you mean “open source”?
Computer software is often produced by writing the software in a human-readable format (the “source code”), and then translating (“compiling”) it into a format that is more efficient for computers and easier for end-users to work with (the “executable”). The executable is not designed to be edited, so it’s very difficult to modify. When a company produces proprietary software, they typically only give users of the software the executable (not the source code), and prohibit modification or even detailed inspection of that executable.

In simple terms, “open source” means making the source code available for copying, and explicitly allowing users to modify their copy, and share their modified version with their friends, their customers, or the rest of the world. The most widely accepted definition of “open source” is the “Open Source Definition” published by the Open Source Institute, though many prefer the term “Free Software”, defined by the Free Software Foundation’s “Free Software Definition”. The Second Life viewer code qualifies as both “open source” and “free software”.”


DavidT OnTyne
Linden Lab Support

Pretty funky aye ^.^


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