My first issue’s

Well, i made up my first Naiux. All went well, the install disc is fine, everything worked except 2 things. The first thing is the theme didnt stay as default when installed from the live disc. The secound thing, the ISO was 731MB. Not enough to fit on a CD which is a pain if i wanted to release it.

The first problem is fine. I will learn how to set themes and wallpapers to default. From that im going to learn something. The secound problem however, now that is a pain in the arse. What do i leave out that will save me 31MB? Its not to much of a problem as Naiux was more meant for me to have an installable disc of my desktop. But its a bugger thinking you no longer have the option to release it you know?

Oh well, im sure ill think of something. ^.^


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