Linux Resources

A list of websites with plenty of linux downloadables on. If theres something you need for linux, you should be able to find it through these ^^ Click on one of the titles below to be taken to thier website.


A website with plenty of downloadable proggys for linux, windows, and mac. They have a good library of software as well as news reviews and tips.

Sourceforge is another huge software resource. All open source software. I have an appreciation for this website because it was my first step into the open source world.
I havent used this website much, not very pretty, but i have found the odd proggy here. Worth a look!

Ive only just found this website, had a look around and made it a definate bookmark for the future.

A good resource for alternative open source software.

Linux Games Database
Literaly found this site today, at time of this pages creation, the website was in beta. But it looks promising! Another definate bookmark in my opinion ^^

As always, i hope someone finds something here usefull! ^^


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