Merged my blogs

I started the Naiux blog as a short project in customizing my own remix of Ubuntu. Its nearly finished which is yays. I have a nice text file of all the commands run to customize it so on Jauntys release ill have my own remix if 9.04 from the get go. ^^

So as im getting ready to finish off tonight and out me last entrys into this blog i find ive become attatched to the name ‘Naiux’. I think it sounds kinda cool. Im prolly never going to release Naiux as a distro because its just realy a remix of Ubuntu for me. Odds are nobody will want it. ^^

This kinda means once this blog was finished i would have no use for the name Naiux. I couldnt let that be, so the outcome is I have mergerd my 2 blogs. Naikimulis Blog and Naiux. Out of the two you have to admit Naiux sounds a lot better doesnt it? ^^


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