Linux Shoutcast Guide (Part 1 – Intro)

This aticle is a 3 part article on running broadcasting Shoutcast music from a Linux desktop to a Shoutcast server. It is aimed at newbies to walls of text and those that just cannot find a good shoutcast guide for Linux. Its also aimed at those, like me, that need Shoutcast on Second Life in Linux. ^^

Ok, so, Shoutcast on Linux kinda sucked for me. I have got it working now, but through none of the normally suggested programs. If you do not want to use what i suggest, try googling VLC, IDJC, DrakIce (and Darksnow) or Amarok.

My way of using Shoutcast is through their own ‘looks like a lot of complicated stuff’ way. Its actually however quite easy. Infact if you always broadcast to the same server, you only ever have to make play lists and change the name of the play list in the .conf file once your set up. However, on first viewing this looks complicated to the new to Linux folk, or even just those that dont use terminal and stuff much. My partner uses Mandriva and Mint so never has to touch terminal or config files so was mortified on seeing a wall of text config file when she downloaded Shoutcast. If you know your stuff with linux or know your way about config files, you might want to skip this article. Its aimed at newbies to walls of text and those that just cannot find a good shoutcast guide for Linux. ^^

To download Shoutcast, click the following link:

Click here to download Shoutcast

Extrat the file to wherever you want. You will have a folder called sc_trans_40 with a couple of files in. The only ones we need are sc_trans.conf and sc_trans_linux. For the sake of this article we are also going to use example.lst as well. The freebsd and macosx can be deleted if you like nice clean folders. ^^

Open up the sc_trans.conf file and you are presented with a wall of text. Below is the list of lines you may have to edit.



StreamTitle=My Gay Son
Genre=genres go here









That wall of text is suddenly a lot less scary eh? ^^ My partner certainly thought so.

To see the Shoutcast Linux Guide Part 2 (the .conf file) Click Here

To see the Shoutcast Linux Guide Part 3 (play lists) Click Here


  1. ZyNiX said,

    July 17, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Okay, I’m not really homophobic, but why did you use My Gay Son as sample name for the Shoutcast server?

  2. Kenney said,

    July 17, 2011 at 9:31 am

    My Gay Son used to be the default in the SC download. He probably just left it in.

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