Linux Shoutcast Guide (Part 2 – .conf file)

In this part I am going to cover what you do with the sc_trans.conf file. If you are only ever going to stream to one server all you ever need to change past the first time is the PlaylistFile entry. For a simple list of what may need editing, have a quick look at Part 1 of this guide.  The bits in red are all you need to change. So lets get editing this file. ^^

For this you will need the following details of the shoutcast server you are broadcasting too.

Server IP
Server Port
Stream Url

Got them? Ok lets roll. ^^ First off, the self explanatory bits.


Change this to whatever the name of the playlist you want to play is called. Well cover playlists in Part 3 of this guide. For now well just leave it at example.lst.

All the details you should have for the server your broadcasting to. Replace what ive highlighted in red with your details.

StreamTitle=My Gay Son
Genre=genres go here

Stream Title is whatever you want. Mine is DJ Naiki. Stream Url is as above a detail you should have for your shoutcast server. In Second Life its the club i work fors Land Url. For Genre that is again whatever you want it to be. Mines Urban Chill.


When broadcasting Shoutcast will save a log into your sc_trans_40 file. This is just the name of it. If you want it to have a different name, edit this. I always just leave it as is.


Shuffle on or off. 1 is for Shuffle on, 0 is for shuffle off. I cant stand shuffle, i like my playlist to be played as is. You can just delete the 1 and leave it blank and shuffle turns off.


The quailty of the audio that your listeners hear depends directly on the the bit rate of your audio stream. The basic rule is that the higher the bit rate, the higher the quailty of the audio. 96,000 is the most common. The club i work at have 128,000.


Quality is self explanatoy. Enter a number 1 to 10. 1 is the best quality, 10 s the worst quality.


Crossfade blends the beggining and ends of songs. Crossfade mode set to 1 is crossfade on, set to 0 is off. Again you can just delete the 1 and leave it blank and this turns it off. Crossfade length is of course the length of the crossfade. Edit as desired.


Allows you to broadcast ID3 tags. Set it to 1 to turn it on, 0 is off.


Public is wether or not you to have your station on the public listings or not. Again 1 is on, 0 or blank is off.


Edit as desired. They just let people know your handles.  I delete them all and leave them all blank.

Part 3 will be about the Playlist file.

To see the Linux Shoutcast Guide Part 1 (Intro) Click Here

To see the Shoutcast Linux Guide Part 3 (play lists) Click Here



  1. Eris said,

    January 3, 2011 at 8:13 am

    so what do we do if we get a request then? is there a way to do it without playlists?

  2. October 17, 2015 at 8:59 am

    […] To see the Shoutcast Linux Guide Part 2 (the .conf file) Click Here […]

  3. October 17, 2015 at 8:59 am

    […] To see the Shoutcast Linux Guide Part 2 (the .conf file) Click Here […]

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