Making your first L$’s in Second Life

As I have said before, I play Second Life on my Linux machine. One thing I find on a daily basis is people coming into the club I work at asking for jobs. Unfortunately we do not employ people under 30 days old, we like people to have a grasp of the game before we give them a job. So I decided to write a notecard for folk that ask for jobs that are new to the game. It has a few different ways of making money when starting off. The following post is a copy pasta of it.

Theres 3 ways of making easy money when you start Second Life (SL). All can be found through the search function (most likely at the bottom of your screen, see it? Great!). These 3 ways are called Camping, Money Trees, and Picks.

Search for any of them 3 terms and youll find hundreds of locations that offer them. So let me explain a little about each.

Camping :

Folk that own land like to have high traffic numbers (people coming and going in thier land) to get themselves noticed. So, some people will pay players to sit on a bench or on a patch of land they own. Its not much, often just a couple of Linden dollars (L$) for 15 minutes, buts its something easy and can make you new friends (chatting to other campers).

Money Trees :

Money Trees are trees where older players leave money for new players. often you can only use these within your first 30 days of your avatar, so make the best use of them possible! Simply find a tree, right click the money in it, and select ‘take’. These are often capped to only give up to 10 L$ a day to each player.

Picks :

Open peoples profiles and click on the Picks tab. This has some notices on places they like or want to advertise. Some people pay you to have picks in your profile. They often have different instructions for different places. But thats the gist of it. Bear in mind you can only have 10 picks in your profile.

Thats 3 easy ways of making easy money when new to Second Life!

What do you do next? Well, theres lots of options for jobs. Creating items and selling them, such as clothes or avatars. Selling art or becoming a photographer if you like using things like Photoshop. Learn how to use Shoutcast and become a DJ. Buy and rent out land. Become a greeter at a popular club. Hold seminars or tutorials for just about anything your good at.

Its worth bearing in mind when camping, looking for picks, and roaming for money trees, your going to meet a lot of people. In Second Life knowing people makes getting jobs easier. So while your still in your first 30 days, wandering SL and camping away, talk to people. Meet the owners of hot spots your camping at. Be freindly. Thats one of the best bits of advice thats ever been given to me in SL. Its also how i got my job when i wasnt even looking for one. ^^

So, thats enough of my rambling. Welcome to SL ^^ Have fun!

Naiki Muliaina


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