My desktop

Just felt like pimping my PC a bit so here is what I use as my desktop PC.

Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-MA790X

Processor : AMD 6000+ 3.1GHZ

Ram : 8GB Black Dragon Ram

Graphics Card : GeForce 9800 GTX

Power Supply : 900 Watt Supply

Case : Lian Li Midi

Black Lite On DVD / CD re write drive.

2 Hard drives:

Drive one : 160GB Seagate

30 gb – Windows XP
30 gb – Naiux / OzOS / Flavour of the month
100 gb – Xubuntu 8.10

Drive two : 320GB Hitatchi (storage / backup drive)

320 gb Xubuntu

The first drive changes on a regular basis, but somehow remains storage and back up. The 100 gig partition often has my important stuffs on. The Hitatchi is my main drive. I only ever seem to use 60-80gig though. Perhaps thats going to change though seeing as im now a Second Life DJ and im trying my hand at photography a bit more now days. ^^


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