GIMP’s Cartoon Effects

Ive been playing with some of the effects in GIMP this last week, trying to get good at ‘arty stuff’. I didnt produce much other than naff badly edited piccys. However, 2 piccys that came out looking good were just slight filters using the cartoon effect.

I took some pictures of myself in Second Life. I am a winged puppy in game. I took pictures at a number of places untill i found myself in the wandering spirits sim, near a gallery (Neat Tricks owned by Kali Meads). I walked out of the gallery and stumbled into Urbania. A rough old joint at the best of times.

The area had a real mood to it so i wanted to take some pictures of myself there and make them look… Well gloomy… I guess… ^^

To get the effect you load up your picture into GIMP. Click Filter at the top. Select Artistic from the drop down, followed by Cartoon. It adds dark / black marks to shadow areas and lines everything with a black pencil line. It does what it says on the tin, makes things cartoony.

Below are my 2 fave pictures of the night. These are not massively artistic by any means, but i like them ^^ Playing with GIMP is fun ^^



Now to play with the dozens of other effects ^^

Filter –> Artistic –> Cartoon


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