Just got reminded of this cracking game!

Its an FPS / RTS in a similar vein to Savage. Theres much less details than Savage, much less RTS but all the same its an absolute corker! Well worth playing.

Tremulous is sci fi rather than fantasy. Much more arena like than Savage as well. You can be the humans or Aliens. The idea is to destroy your opponents base.

The battles take place in winding corridors rather than the sprawling maps of Savage. It does make the game feel more rapid fire and furious than savage ^^

It can be found in Ubuntus Repos for a nice quick download and install. If not on Ubuntu, download it HERE.

Their website is HERE and the forum is HERE

Ill be adding it to the online games list of this site ^^






1 Comment

  1. February 26, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Graphics are cool but i think they are not much visible

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