XFCE 4.6 Released!

ZMG YAYS!!! ^^ (Xubuntu Install Guide Here)

Oki, ill confess, i had not looked at the XFCE website for a while. Then i saw on Ubuntu Forums that 4.6 had been released and i was like ‘ooooooooooo stuff my previous blog entry! gimme backs that XFCE mousey!’ ^^

‘Whats XFCE?’ i hear some of you whisper. For shame on you! ^^ XFCE is a desktop environment for Linux. Its fairly lightweight, pretty quick, looks elegant, and has a mouse for a mascot (the mouse does it realy doesnt it? ^^). Its not as light as the *box environments anymore, its easily the heaviest of the ‘lightweight’ environments. But i love it all the same! ^^

So off to the website i went, downloaded and installed XFCE 4.6, and have been using it today. I love it! There is some simple addition’s i love. Being able to use the side mouse buttons to move back and forward in Thunar.


I am also a panel widget junkie, so the updated panel appeals to me greatly ^^


The settings manager has had a tweak too.


This probably is not going to make it into Jaunty’s Xubuntu release. Its come a little to late for it to go in and be stable. However, all goes well, lets hope it makes an appearance in 9.10 Koala ^^

There is however a nice easy graphical installer to help you install XFCE 4.6 on your Linux box. ^^

Anyways, I am off to have a good fiddle with my fave little desktop, ill leave you with a couple of links. ^^


XFCE 4.6 News

XFCE 4.6 Tour (features)

XFCE 4.6 Download


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