Clairede Dirval playing on 4th of March at Destiny

Clairede Dirval is singing in Destiny again this week! Its got me hopping with puppy joy cause she has got such an awsome voice!

For the unknowing she sings live via shoutcast with her avatar and chat running in Second Life. She played here a few weeks ago and sung songs like Black Horse and the Cherry Tree with such a cool rock chic voice. ^^

So, if you play Second Life, follow the url below to us. If you dont, download the client, hop online, and swing by our club. I assure you if you enjoy live music, you are going to love hearing Clairede in Second Life!

If you Ubuntu linux or one of its derivatives theres a guide to installing Second life through Repos on this site (click Extra Linux Repos on the left of this page).


The usual Destiny magic is all there to be enjoyed – before, during and after the live gig.

She will be singing on Wednesday 4th of March at 2pm SL time.

Second Life Slurl :

Or find us with search for me and a look at my Picks, IGN : Naiki Muliaina


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