New screenshots of Dofus 2.0

Ok, so this news is a few days old (im behind, tinkering with PC to much ^^).

For those that dont know, Dofus is a very heavily populated MMO with a Linux client. It has a Mac and Windows client too, but we dont realy care about that do we? ^^ Its fairly level grindy (mind you so was WoW and its huge) but has a huge population. Its very cute, very pretty, and actually quite addictive!

Anyways, they are re writing the whole client. From the way it contacts the server to every piece of artwork in the game. It looks ruddy fantastic! So beautiful for what is essentially a flash game turned MMO. They have released some more screenshots of it recently and thought id direct you to them ^^

To read about Dofus and the 2.0 client, or see more of these screen shots follow the links at the bottom of the post.





Dofus 2.0

Dofus 2.0 Screenies


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    October 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

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