Clairede sings another rocking gig at Destiny!

Second life was built so this woman’s voice could be bought to the world! Shes one of the reasons i am so glad we have Linux native clients for Second Life!

Her brilliant personality fills the room the moment shes on stage! She has the best voice, and god help me the dirtiest laugh! You cant help but love this woman! ^^

She sung all sorts from These boots are made for walking, Mel Brooks Bitch, to First cut is the deepest. All the way through sounding awesome! She also sung of her own material, which was cracking!

The club was absolutely banged out, folk coming from all over to hear her. No wonder when she shook the floor and walls with that voice!

They were also shooting a video of her tonight which we are eagerly awaiting a copy of ^^

Hats off to live music in Second Life! Hats off to Destiny for hosting the gig! Most of all, hats to our beloved Clairede Dirval! The voice that can move mountains! ^^

Clairede’s Web page is HERE

Destiny’s ingame SLurl is HERE

destiny clairede 2nd visit_003

destiny clairede 2nd visit 4_002

destiny clairede 2nd visit_002

Thankyou Clairede for another fantastic night! ^^


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  1. March 5, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    […] RL partner Naiki has posted up some pics from last night on his blog. Posted in Events. Tags: Events, live […]

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