Introducing Ailsa of Second Life

This is Ailsa Muliaina, shes my real life partner, and bit of fluff in Second Life.


Ill take a better picture of her when shes not sitting in naff surroundings ^^

She has recently really bitten into Second Life. Given the economic downturn and lack of real life employment, shes found she can quite easily make £20 a week from Second Life without really trying. Spurred by this and an immensely creative gene in her body, shes decided to get into making things in Second Life. Clothes or whatever else takes her fancy. Shes hoping to make a bit out Second Life and enjoy what it has to offer. Bearing in mind Second Life Linden $’s can be directly exchanged for RL $’s / £’s, and she realy enjoys creating things which she hopes to sell, we can see what comes of it. ^^

At time of posting, shes currently just a DJ on friday nights in Destiny’s Club at 2pm SL time (SLurl below) and does surveys and such. She makes a few bob out of it like i said. Imagine that though, playing music you love, making items for sale you enjoy making, and doing odd surveys and making a possible living out of it all in an online game. One that works on Linux as well so you can do it all on your favorite OS! ^^

Anywhos, shes just started up a blog to guide people through what shes doing. Shes already given the location of an awesome university of sorts in game that teaches you how to do all sorts of things, and is far better than the basic tutorial island your character starts on.

So , the linky to her blog :

The linky to Destinys Second Life location (SLurl) is :



  1. Ailsa Muliaina said,

    March 5, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    Bit of fluff eh? At least Ailsa doesn’t need regular flea treatments 😉

  2. March 5, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Bah! Naff off back to ya own blog! ^^

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