Another money making Second Life tip

Earn2life! I only just remembered this site when my partner was doing it recently.

What is it? Basically you know all them silly ‘fill in this form for $$$’s’ sites you see? Well, Earn2life uses them to make money, and pays you in Second Life’s currency. Sounds like a scam, but its not and has given many a newbie a good start in Second Life (including myself).

So why not visit the sites yourself and fill these things in? Well, 2 reasons id never try that sort of thing on my own back. If i was giving out my credit card details to hundreds of sites for 50p a pop, no dought sooner or later, my credit cards security will be messed up.. Secound, Earn2life pools hundreds / thousands of these websites in one place and you can just go through them, one by one down their list. Cracking aye?

The most my partners got out of it is L$2,000 a day (or there abouts).

Also if you get other people to use Earn2life, you get a small bonus. Brilliant aye?

Here is a link to the website, go sign up, start earning today ^^

Earn2Life: your online money-making opportunity!


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