Apologies in an MMOPRG

I have always been of the opinion, it takes a bigger man to admit he was wrong, it takes a bigger man to apologize for being wrong.

Now I have been playing MMO’s scince they were all MUDS (Gemstone i think was my first). I have noticed the above line is far harder to do in an MMO than in RL despite not having to apologize face to face.

In Second Life i work in a club as a sort of bouncer, guard pup, DJ thing. Occasionally girls that work for us have a drama moment, then leave and cut all their ties to us. One such girl a while ago left our club with a storm of arguments (most of which she caused). The problem she found was, our club isn’t all about making money. They are a real friendly bunch of girls and just enjoying each others company is half the job. So when she began to miss us and found there were no other clubs like ours, she came back.

This wouldn’t have been such a problem, but she came back as alt characters. Extra characters you make with different names. She would get found out, get kicked, then go and make another alt. This went on for what felt like months (looking back it probably was months). Unfortunately, every time she would try to creep back into us as an alt and get discovered, everybody got a bit more bitter towards her. She missed us more and more and just wanted to be our friend again. This was not the way to do it though. Eventually she faded away and did not come back. It was sad because she was still sort of a mate, but she caused so much headache and heart ache. She left so many people so bitter towards her it got harder and harder to deal with her civilly.

I saw this girl last night and was reminded of the situation. I thought about what would have happened if she had just apologized. Had she just came in as her main character one day and said ‘hey girls, i am sorry for what i did, can i hang out here again please?’ she might have been OK. We would have at least talked about it and cleared the air. We might have even let her come back, though probably not employed her again. She would have at least got some friends back.

The whole situation was stupid and solvable so easily. I guess reflecting on it, it reminded me how much a simple apology and honesty would have given such a different outcome on the situation.

Anywhos, there’s a lesson there ^^


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