Three Linux Second Life Clients

So you all know i love Second Life by now, and you may have seen my link to CaptainTerras Repo for the omvviewer Second Life client (LINK HERE). But what other options do you have, and why is there 3 clients?

Second Life SE Client

This is the basic SL client that is on Linden Labs official website. Its very basic and i am told quite buggy. I only had one or two bugs using it over a 3 month period. But i have been told over and over that i am an exception to the rule. Last time i downloaded this client, i just un-tarred the download, opened up the folder it gave me and hit the file called secondlife. Easy peasey to install. ^^

Click here for download


Abbreviated from Open Metaverse Viewer. This is my favorite client. It has a few add ons that i use all the time. Mainly the Avatar panel. It allows you to see who is around you and what distance they are from you. It also allows you to moderate a piece of land from this panel. For me that makes it so much easier banning people from the club i work at that run around naked screaming silly things. ^^ As mentioned above there is an Ubuntu Repository for this client.

Click here for Repo guide

Cool Viewer

Cool Viewer is my least used one. It has a lot of bug fixes in. It also has a sort of feature freeze on the official client. Occasionally Linden labs makes changes to the client that do not go down so well with the players. Cool Viewer keeps back some of the old features that get tweaked or removed.

Click here to download Cool Viewer

I hope you find this useful if your looking for other viewers to play with, or if you want to give Second Life a go. See you in game! ^^


1 Comment

  1. shall said,

    February 24, 2012 at 4:08 am

    having troubles installing second life in ubuntu.. help pls
    .. first time ubuntu

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