The new XFCE distro release’s

There has been two new XFCE distros released this month that i love! I ad to download the pair of them the secound they hit the mirrors ^^

Zenwalk 6.0 and Mint XFCE CE 6 Felicia (that one has a long name ^^ ). So what are they about, and why try them?

Zenwalk is also one of the cleanest, nicest feeling XFCE distros out there. It uses XFCE 4.6 (yayness!). Its based on Slackware, not Ubuntu. Do not let that deter you though if your an Ubuntu boy or girl, Zenwalks absolutely fantastic and well worth the download! It’s hard to put your finger on it, but Zenwalk realy does just feel right with XFCE. I think thats why i liked it so much. ^^

Mint XFCE 6 is an Ubuntu based distro that is much prettier and has a large number of codec’s pre installed. The sexyness is one of the defining features of Mint. It uses a clean theme and doesn’t look as ‘gnomey’ as Xubuntu (a good thing IMHO, I have always hated that about Xubuntu). Mint XFCE 6 is based of Xubuntu 8.10 intrepid Ibex so It uses intrepid’s repos.

Zenwalks additions to 6.0 are :

– Kernel with gspca (supports many USB webcams)
– The new XFCE 4.6
– Openoffice 3.0.1 replaces Gnome Office as the main productivity suite
– Wicd becomes the main network configuration tool
– New Zenpanel with integrated Disk Manager, Wifi and Wired Network Manager
– Gksu keyring based desktop granting system
– Faster boot (tuned init scripts, with realtime I/O scheduler)
– PAM authentication has been added to the system
– Improved suspend/hibernate, with XFCE Power Manager
– new Netpkg with orphan dependencies and “offline operation” support
– The powerful Exaile juke-box stream player has been added
– New artwork
– A simplified installer

The updates to Mint XFCE in 6.0 Felicia are :

-mintInstall 5, the “Software Manager”
-mintUpdate 3, a brand new Update Manager
-mintUpload 2, with FTP support
-mintNanny – Minimal parental control
-mintDesktop – now shows Compiz Fusion status
-Remote Desktop – as easy as in Gnome
-Command line goodies – search, apt content and apt contains
-mint4win – A Windows installer for Linux Mint

New software
-Thunar Shares – for easy folder sharing
-GPRS EasyConnect – for management of mobile connections

Here the links to the respective websites :




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