Linux Bookmark Project (part 3)

Ok, i got the show on the road last week by uploading a html file that anyone can download and import into a Mozilla browser. I had about 200 Linux bookmarks in it, and you can find it to the left of this post under the heading ‘Linux Bookmark Project’.

This week i have been sifting through all the distros. Theres a lot of them aye. Ive been pulling apart the distros and their forums. I think i will separate them into 2 folders as i often just head for distros forums when i am just wanting to browse or post, so it will save a few clicks.

That said, there is about 450 distros on distrowatch. Do i include them all? Do i sift some out? How do i choose who stays and who goes?

Well, i think i may try to include the lot of them. The initial idea was to make a huge sharable bookmark file aye.


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