Remixing your own Puppy Linux

Its been a while since i last spoke about making your own distro (part of the original plan or this website actually). So, this is about one of the easiest distros to remix ever. I cant even really give a how-to because its so simple. But i thought i would mention this as its a nifty little distro and nifty little tool. The Puppy Linux Remaster. It literally takes a handful of mouse clicks and it remasters you a live CD / installable CD that is an exact copy of your current puppy Linux setup.

You will find the Puppy Live CD Remaster under the Setup menu. Its the secound link from the bottom of the Setup Menu.

Pup menu

It takes you through some very clear steps and allows you to re-spin your own pupplet.

Nifty eh? ^^

Puppy Linux Website

Other Pupplets


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