Dofus 1.27 released!

Yes its been released! Wooooo! My Eni’s having a few issues solo’ing now… Booooo! >.< Blah, its all good though. Sacriers took the biggest team hit, but they are much better solo now.

The was a change to vitality / health that i like, you now get 5 health per level. You don’t get a refund for all the points you spent in vitality on older characters though. The downside is, you take un-healable damage in fights now. Well, i say downside, it does mean you cant have the 2 Eni’s everlasting fight situation anymore.

Theres also new special skills for all the classes. Meaning theres an equivalent of Felination for every class thats available at the temples. You have to beat your dopple to get it.

Heres a link to the Dofus websites details of the new update : LINKY

Hope to see you ingame!



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