Destiny breaks up

The best club in Second Life closed this week. I know i will be a tad bias as i work there but honestly Destiny realy was one of a kind.

There was a disagreement between managers that could not be resolved. That caused a split and it was decided to close the club. It got worse however the next night when fighting and rumor spreading broke out. To spare the gory details, Destiny as it was is gone. Millie is running a new Destiny. It just wont be the same without Lee and Mags.

Mags and Leelou are currently homeless as are masses of girls caught in the middle. Could sound dramatic but a sea of tears has been shed for Destiny this week.

I walked out last night quite bitterly with much resentment towards old friends.

Anywhos, ive stopped crying into my keyboard long enough to make a post, ill get some piccys up of good memory’s there when i get a minute.


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