Life after Destiny for the pup

Ok, Destiny broke up and reformed with new management the other day as i said. I was still freinds with most of the girls untill one night im standing in the new Destiny and a blatant alt character comes in and starts speaking in way that was an obvious attempt at seeing if i was passing messages to the new club formed by Mags Indigo and Leelou Morigi. She later turns up at Mags and Lees club and continues to pretend shes not an alt. Then I had an attempts made on me to mine me for information.*takes breath* Gave me the arse so bad i left and havent spoken to them scince. I mean come on, we were all such good freinds and they starting doing that petty crap to me? Blah! Silly folks! Just lost a good loyal freind.

I wont be going back to Destiny now. When the magic is gone and folk stop treating you like a person, its time to move on.

In my case i will be moving onto Mags and Lees new club, The Blue Moon Bordello. I will provide the SLurl later on. Its gone back to being about atmosphere more than money, more about being a good fun strip and escort club than a money driven business. Saying that the takings on the first 3 days have been good and we arnt officially open yet! The grand opening is tonight and we have Clairede Dirval playing for us *yays!*. I even have a new avatar (gone from being a tiny pup to a huge giant doggy ^^).

I will post more details on the club later today. Clairede will be playing at 2pm SL time (10pm UK time). I took my best picture in an online game which im eager to get up on flickr, so i will post that later on too. Its been a busy and emotional week but im looking to a happy online future 🙂


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