Changing to a new avi

Ive had the same winged puppy avatar in Second Life for about a year. I have never changed in all that for more than a day. I generally act like a happy silly puppy all of the time so the cute pup look has always been right for me.


However, with all the move and the new club and new begginings and all that jazz i have looked into changing my avatar. I found a new one, its the absolute opposite of my cute little puppy. Its frickin huge. It came with a saddle and i can be ridden by human avis. I quite like it. ^^


I do really like it, even though im to big to move about, i have trouble controlling my sized avatar in enclosed spaces. I think im going to shop about and see what other avis i can get though. The thing is, its not… I dunno… Naiki enough…. ^^ Its not the little puppy im used to being. Blah. ^^

I will enjoy being Naiki the big dumb dog instead of Naiki the daft little puppy for a while, but i dont think this is a permanant change yet. 😦


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