Blue moon bordello is recruiting dancers

Well, we are a week into the new club and its been a fantastic and busy week! We have established a sort of vintage theme to the place and are becoming known for it. This club is being seen far more as a venue than just a strip club which is awesome! The girls have all been passing around landmarks to steampunk and vintage style clothes shops.

We also have a line up of nightly events from stand up comedy to live music. Pretty good rolling aye?

However, we are certainly finding that we need more dancers at Blue Moon. We have a some awesome girls but we only tend to have 2 of them in at a time. So when they both go on a pass (has happened a few times) we get left without strippers in the club. Pain in the bum as you can imagine.

So i guess this is a bit of blatant advertising spam on my blog. If you are looking to become a stripper in Second Life, drop me a note in game or swing by us at the landmark below 🙂

The gang at Blue Moon


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  1. May 31, 2009 at 2:10 am

    […] with but a click to let the animations in the hockey stick take over. I have another Tuesday at the Blue Moon Bordello and the TLE Comedy Zone coming up fast, and I need to glean my blog entries for some fast […]

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