Closing the blog

I said a few weeks back i had lost the urge to blog. I have since lost my urge for Ubuntu, Linux, and general tech stuff. I no longer have anything meaningful to say on web forums. So, im moving on to other stuffs. I will still use Linux as it is still the best OS for me. I will still also read K Mandalas blog cause it rules.

The blog will stay up as it still gets hundreds of hits a day. But i will no longer post anything on it or clean up the spam.

For those starting Linux blogs, i had a blog before this and this one, covering 2 ish years. First one closed due to the epic epic spam it got and this ones name sounded more appealing. The 2 things i found got the most hits, Online Games and guides (Install guides, tips, hints, whatever).

If i ever try a website again or a project in linux again it will deffo be small and usefull, rather than sprawling and bland, much like half of this blog.

Happy blogging folks! See yall in another space some time! 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Loribeth said,

    March 3, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    To bad you are closed. I know of someone who is a Linux freak….lol.

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