Reopening….. Sorta…

Been a year or so scince i posted regularly. I sorta fizzled out of things to say. I have a couple of requests at the moment which i should get around to writing guides for. I also have a real nagging itch to go distro hopping or something at the moment .Though this time im truly of the opinion all distros are more or less the same. Just with slight tweaks visually. I also have more time in Second Life and have started exploring this awesome world again (believe it or not theres more to SL than sex!). So i dunno… Got a few guides and stuff to write… Couple of projects i should start….

I still don’t use Windows. After hearing a few virus / malware problems recently, im not interested in going to the Windows side either. Yes im aware theres malware for Linux but i never encounter it and rarely install stuff once im set up so im happy and relatively safe.

On a last note, i think perhaps when i first discovered Linux, it was an old either mandrake or mandiva. It got a dead laptop going when XP died and snuffed it. I was sorta attracted to Linux cause it was different, a bit of an adventure, and i got to be anti MS. 3-4 years ago i made the full switch and havent looked back. Looked for adventure and waved an anti MS banner for a short while too (it was a short while too, when i saw what half the anti MS lot were like i was like ‘OMG i cant be like that >.<').

Nowdays i use Linux simply because it does what i need it to and i feel safe with it. I play Second Life, browse the web, store music and videos, and web DJ. Thats about it really. SO yeah.. Linux looks pretty and modern, does what i want, and its safe. Quite a large change in motives for using it really 🙂

Following this will be my first proper post in nearly a year. Wow its been that long…. Blogs been open a couple of years then i guess…. 2008 time? I gotta post a guide to setting up IDJC and and i want to pimp my new PC at some point….

Hmm pictures… Photobucket doest support Linux anymore and kinda tired of Flickr… Should find a new picture host 🙂

So errr yeah… Sorta reopening the blog…


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