Hardware Drivers on minimal Ubuntu install

An odd post for some, but it seems there are quite a number of people baffled by it (including me once). That is that little application in Ubuntu that installs restricted hardware drivers. The packages you are looking for are called jockey and are either in synaptic or of course can be apt-get’ed in terminal and are as follows.

Gnome :

jockey-common jockey-gtk


jockey-common jockey-kde


Remixing your own Puppy Linux

Its been a while since i last spoke about making your own distro (part of the original plan or this website actually). So, this is about one of the easiest distros to remix ever. I cant even really give a how-to because its so simple. But i thought i would mention this as its a nifty little distro and nifty little tool. The Puppy Linux Remaster. It literally takes a handful of mouse clicks and it remasters you a live CD / installable CD that is an exact copy of your current puppy Linux setup.

You will find the Puppy Live CD Remaster under the Setup menu. Its the secound link from the bottom of the Setup Menu.

Pup menu

It takes you through some very clear steps and allows you to re-spin your own pupplet.

Nifty eh? ^^

Puppy Linux Website

Other Pupplets

IBM’s How to build your own Linux distro

A rather funky article was linked to by JohnFH on the ubuntu forums a few days ago. Ive had a nosey through this article and its pretty good. It only covers the Linux From Scratch way of building your own distro. But, we are here to learn, so anything well written is usefull aye?

Without further hesitation, heres the link:


Linux Formats guide to building your own distro

Just a quick post for those in the UK, if you would like to build your own distro, have a nosey at the new Linux Format. Its available in most shops. The new one is LXF113 Christmas 2008. Their own description of the article is:

Build your own distro – Freedom means never having to put up with someone else’s vision of what Linux should be. (Paul Hudson, Daniel James)

Its nothing big or ground breaking, 7 pages to be precise. But it does have some nice little pointers in. Worth a quick read if you want to make a popular distro at least ^.^

Follow the following link to see the more contents of this issue or buy it from their online shop.


Making your own custom Linux distro image/live CD

This is a quoted post from Ubuntu Forums started by LaRoza. Say what you want about her personality, this is one seriously smart borg! Thanks LaRoza for making this post.

Making your own custom Linux distro image/live cd.

Many people would like to make a customised version of Ubuntu or other Linux distro. It is possible and not that hard, however, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Posting your ideas isn’t going to get anything done; you will have to make the effort to make them happen. That being said, here are some guides and sites on making various custom images. Each link will bring you to somewhere you can get information. It is up to you to decide which one to use.

* Custom Ubuntu Live CD
* Remastersys (Works with Ubuntu and variants)
* Reconstructor
* Revisor
* Create Your Own Fedora Distribution with Revisor short guide
* Custom Nimblex
* Larch
* Live Helper (Debian only!)

Thanks again to LaRoza & others on the Ubuntu forums.

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