New screenshots of Dofus 2.0

Ok, so this news is a few days old (im behind, tinkering with PC to much ^^).

For those that dont know, Dofus is a very heavily populated MMO with a Linux client. It has a Mac and Windows client too, but we dont realy care about that do we? ^^ Its fairly level grindy (mind you so was WoW and its huge) but has a huge population. Its very cute, very pretty, and actually quite addictive!

Anyways, they are re writing the whole client. From the way it contacts the server to every piece of artwork in the game. It looks ruddy fantastic! So beautiful for what is essentially a flash game turned MMO. They have released some more screenshots of it recently and thought id direct you to them ^^

To read about Dofus and the 2.0 client, or see more of these screen shots follow the links at the bottom of the post.





Dofus 2.0

Dofus 2.0 Screenies


My current Desktop

Took some screenies for Ubuntu Forums screenshot thread (March one here). I thought id post them up here to seeing as they are on my Flickr feed ^^

This is taken of Xubuntu on my main desktop with XFCE4 4.4 (stable 8.10 nothing fancy installed).

Clearlooks theme with Agualemon windows theme.
Xubuntu Studio icon set
Wallpaper XFCE elegant & mice by dpay on XFCE Look

I normaly have the side panels set to to hidden so i only see them when i flick my mouse over the sides of the screen.



Stylish eh? ^^


Just got reminded of this cracking game!

Its an FPS / RTS in a similar vein to Savage. Theres much less details than Savage, much less RTS but all the same its an absolute corker! Well worth playing.

Tremulous is sci fi rather than fantasy. Much more arena like than Savage as well. You can be the humans or Aliens. The idea is to destroy your opponents base.

The battles take place in winding corridors rather than the sprawling maps of Savage. It does make the game feel more rapid fire and furious than savage ^^

It can be found in Ubuntus Repos for a nice quick download and install. If not on Ubuntu, download it HERE.

Their website is HERE and the forum is HERE

Ill be adding it to the online games list of this site ^^





Clairede Dirval plays a rocking gig

Clairede Dirval has just played an absolutely rocking gig at Destiny.

Singing Four Non Blondes songs and KT Tunstells, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Her voice sounded like a real rock chics! I would recommend this woman to anyone wanting live music over the web! ^^

Her Myspace page is :

Thanks to Mags, Leelou, Millie and the rest of the Destiny’s gang for hiring live artists to play there! ^^

clairede dirval 7_001

clairede dirval 5_001

clairede dirval 1_001

clairede dirval 9_001

A truly awesome example of how Second Life rules for live music ^^

Celetania – New space MMO released

Close to my heart, an MMO with a native linux client! Yays!

Its called Celetania and its a space based MMORPG. It is not however, EVE like. Ive only tried it briefly, it felt like a more modern and graphically good looking browser RTS style game. Ever played one of them? Where you set up a chain of actions to work then come back in a days time to see how its all panned out?

It certainly looks and feels more advanced than that though. Ill post a bit more about it after I have given it more of a run in. ^^ Though i have to say, the game looks better than what these screen shots show.




The website is Go have a look! ^^

GIMP’s Cartoon Effects

Ive been playing with some of the effects in GIMP this last week, trying to get good at ‘arty stuff’. I didnt produce much other than naff badly edited piccys. However, 2 piccys that came out looking good were just slight filters using the cartoon effect.

I took some pictures of myself in Second Life. I am a winged puppy in game. I took pictures at a number of places untill i found myself in the wandering spirits sim, near a gallery (Neat Tricks owned by Kali Meads). I walked out of the gallery and stumbled into Urbania. A rough old joint at the best of times.

The area had a real mood to it so i wanted to take some pictures of myself there and make them look… Well gloomy… I guess… ^^

To get the effect you load up your picture into GIMP. Click Filter at the top. Select Artistic from the drop down, followed by Cartoon. It adds dark / black marks to shadow areas and lines everything with a black pencil line. It does what it says on the tin, makes things cartoony.

Below are my 2 fave pictures of the night. These are not massively artistic by any means, but i like them ^^ Playing with GIMP is fun ^^



Now to play with the dozens of other effects ^^

Filter –> Artistic –> Cartoon

Prey added to Online Game List


A rocking game of Cherokee VS Aliens





Washedup Sideways Live at Destiny

A fantastic singer / guitar player sung live at Destiny club in Second Life tonight. He sounded fantastic and the club was packed with people! In the name of live music it was awesome ^^ My fave song that he sung was Santana’s – Smooth, he had the right voice for it! ^^

washedup sidways_001

washedup 2-4_001

washedup 2_001

washedup 2-3_001

To hear more about Washedup Sideways (who is a very real and very talnted artist) have a look here :

To go to Destiny club, load up Second Life and go to the SLURL:


For those that have never heard of it, Savage is an online FPS / RTS available on Linux and Windows. Theres been a sequal to the popular first game with stunning graphics. The idea behind the game is a battle (usually between humans and beasts) in an RTS style. However, with just one commander each side, everyone else plays the parts of the ground troops. Sounds odd right? Trust me its fantastic!

The match will start with each commander asking his troops to mine areas and build structures. New structures can mean on respawning, troops can select new weapons, or even new unit types. Building, mining, and repairing buildings is all done by friendly players attacking what they are trying to build. Sounds a bit backwards bit in its simplicity, it works.

As for population of the game, theres almost always a good few hundred people to play against in Savage 1 still all the time. So even in Savage 1 you will always get a game.

Savage 1 is free, Savage 2 has a demo then costs about $20 for the full game. Both available here :

Heres some screenies to wet your appetitie.

Savage 1

Savage 2




Gamesspots image collection

Hope to see you ingame! ^^

Linux Mint XFCE Screenies

This week LinuxMint released their XFCE community edition of Elyssa. Its based on Ubuntu Hardy Heron, just prettier with more stuff included on the install. Now normaly i dont like kitchen sink distros, but i do LOVE XFCE. So i gave it a go. Overall i find this quite a pleasant desktop, and one i could see myself using for a wee while. Anywhos, thought id post up some piccys of basic looks from the main install of Mint XFCE.

Basic but pretty, what follows is some Mint XFCE + Compiz vids.