Linux Bookmark Project

The Linux bookmark project is a little thing i am doing where i gather as many useful Linux links as i can for public use. I have a delicious page, and a .html file that can be downloaded and imported into Mozilla browsers. I haven’t tried in other browsers yet, ill give others a go shortly.

Click here for the Delicious page (project 0.1) : LINK

Click here to download the HTML file (project 0.3) : LINK

Open your browser, click Bookmarks –> Organize Bookmarks. A new window or sidebar should appear, click Import / Export –> Import HTML file. Select the file named bookmarkproject0.1.html. You should now have 120 odd Linux bookmarks filed neatly away in your bookmarks folder.

Below is the file copy / pasted here so you have a quick look and see whats bookmarked in the file and on Delicious. Being a copy pasta, its conveniently just going to make this into a sort of Link’s page.


Bookmarks Menu

Mozilla Firefox

Help and Tutorials
Customize Firefox
Get Involved
About Us

Ubuntu and Free Software links

Information and resources about Ubuntu, Debian and Free Software in general

Ubuntu Forums
Ubuntu Support Home
Ubuntu Wiki (community-edited website)
Make a Support Request to the Ubuntu Community
Free Software Foundation
Debian (Ubuntu is based on Debian)

Linux Forums

Arch Linux Forums
CrunchBang Linux Forums
Debian User Forums :: Index
developerWorks : Linux Forums
Dreamlinux Forums – Index
Gentoo Forums :: Index
HowtoForge Forums | HowtoForge – Linux Howtos and Tutorials – Powered by vBulletin
JustLinux Forums – Powered by vBulletin :: Forum Index
Linux Forums
– Linux Forums at
Linux Forums – Powered by vBulletin
Linux Mint Forums • Index page
Mandriva Forum
MEPISlovers Forums – Powered by vBulletin
OpenSolaris Forums: Forum Home
openSUSE Forums
SAM Linux Desktop – Community Forums
Slackware Help Forum — Slackers helping slackers. • Index page
The UNIX and Linux Forums – Learn UNIX and Linux from Experts
Ubuntu Forums
VectorLinux – Index
Wolvix Forums – Index – Forums • Index page
Xfce Community – Index
Zenwalk Support • Index page
Café Forum
Café Forum – Index

Linux Gaming

Games Directorys

Games for Linux


Linux Game Database

Linux Gamer Guide

linuX-gamers – your linux gaming resource


Linux Game Tome
Linux games database
Linux Gaming World

Playdeb is a gaming repository for Ubuntu – aimed to provide titles already available on in an easier to install and update format.
Ubuntu Gamers Arena

Linux FPS's

Alien Arena – a fast, fun and free FPS!
id Software: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Linux Online Games List « Naiux
Newerth Savage 1 & Savage 2 Community – Savage Downloads, Maps and Forums
Nexuiz – A free open-source fast paced first person shooter (FPS) for Windows, Linux and OSX
Prey Official Site
Urban Terror: Urban Terror™ FAQ
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Resource Site: News

Linux Misc Online Games

Linux Online Games List « Naiux
PokerTH – Community Portal – Home
Toribash – Violence Perfected

Linux MMO's

A Tale in the Desert IV
Celetania ~ Index
EVE Online – a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game – MMORPG
Linux Online Games List « Naiux
MMORPG DOFUS :: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
PlaneShift – A 3D Fantasy MMORPG
Puzzle Pirates
Regnum Online | Free to Play MMORPG (F2P)
RuneScape – the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd.
Tibia – Free Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – MMORPG
Ubuntu Gamers Arena
Vendetta Online – Space Combat MMORPG for Windows, Mac and Linux
Virtual worlds, avatars, 3D chat, online meetings – Second Life Official Site
Wurm Online – The official EL Website!

Linux Software

Applications « Naiux
Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software | Open Source Alternative –

Let's build the Desktop of the future – – Your resource for Linux applications and information.
Open Source Software – News – page 1 – Softpedia Open Source Software

Linux Websites Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
Free Software Magazine
GnomeFiles – GNOME/GTK+ Software Repository
KernelTrap – COMING SOON!
Linux Counter: Home Page |
Linux Journal | The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
Main Page – The Linux Foundation
o3 magazine | The Open Source Enterprise Magazine
Open Source and Linux Forums
[Phoronix] Linux Hardware Reviews, Benchmarking, & Gaming
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
TUX | The First and Only Magazine for the New Linux User
Welcome to []

XFCE Distros

Download – Linux Mint
Polski Linux – KateOS Project Site
Sabayon Pod 3.5: the new Mini, CD version released
SAM Linux Desktop – SAM Linux News
Welcome to VectorLinux —
Wolvix GNU/Linux | Home – Ever tried zen computing?
XfceLive – Mandriva Community Wiki
Xubuntu Home Page | Xubuntu

Linux Distros

2X Thin client computing software: deploy & manage thin clients
64 Studio | Have GNU/Linux your way!
about [CDlinux]
About Inquisitor | Inquisitor hardware testing platform
About | TrueBSD Project
accueil – Le projet AbulEdu
Alinex — ALINEX
ALT Linux – main
Archie | Arch Live on steroids
Arch Linux
Ark Linux – What Is Ark Linux?
ArtistX – eXtra ordinary art tools The Next Generation Linux
ASPLinux – разработка дистрибутива Linux, настройка Linux серверов, программы Linux, технический консалтинг
Astaro Internet Security – All-in-One Unified Threat Management Solutions for Complete Network, Web and Mail Security Protecting Against Hackers, Spyware, Phishing, Viruses, Worms and Spam
Asterisk at Home or Asterisk at Work in 30 MINUTES :: AsteriskNOW |
Aurora SPARC Linux Project
B2D 中文 Linux 計劃(B2D中文作業系統計劃)
Bee, Linux made in Algeria – by INEODEV Ltd.
BeleniX | BeleniX
Berry Linux Project Homepage
Bharat Operating System Solutions — Bharat Operating System Solutions
Big Linux, em busca do sistema perfeito!
BinToo GNU/Linux | The fastest way to BINary genTOO
blackPanther Europe
blag linux and gnu by le brixton linux action group
Boston University Linux
BRLix GNU/Linux
BSDanywhere – the OpenBSD Live CD – Englightenment at your fingertips
Caixa Mágica – Notícias Linux Portugal
CAOS Linux
Choose your language | Skolelinux
ClarkConnect – Server and Gateway – Linux Small Business Server SBS
Coyote Linux
CrunchBang Linux – A Lightweight OpenBox Linux Distro
CRUX | Main / HomePage
DANIX je pro každého — DANIX
DARKSTAR Linux Project | Secure and Easy to use!
Debian — The Universal Operating System
DeLi Linux
DesktopBSD: Home
Devil Linux – Home
DNALinux: Linux for Bioinformatics
Draco GNU/Linux – Draco GNU/Linux
DragonFlyBSD: DragonFly BSD
DSL information
DzongkhaLinux :: index
eAR OS Free Edition and eAR RT-OS Enterprice Edition
EducaMadrid – ¿QUÉ ES?
e-fense :: E-Discovery Forensics Security Training: Electronic Data Discovery and Computer Forensics Services
Ekaaty Linux
Endian – Open Source Firewall Appliance – UTM Linux Security Distribution
EnGarde Secure Linux :: Welcome!
Enterprise Linux | Linux | Oracle
Epidemic GNU/Linux
Estrella Roja – GNU/Linux
Evinux :: Accueil
ExTiX – The Ultimate Linux System
FaunOS: The Portable Operating Environment
Fedora Project
Fermi Linux — Linux
Fixstars — Linux for IBM, AMCC, and Freescale Power Architecture, including the PowerStation, PLAYSTATION, PS3, ZEGO BCU-100, QS22, Mercury Cell, and Apple PowerPC.
Fluxbuntu Linux
Fonality trixbox CE, an Asterisk-based PBX Phone System (formerly Asterisk@Home) | trixbox
Foresight Linux
FreeNAS: The Free NAS Server – Home
Frugalware Linux – Let's make things Frugal!
GeeXboX HomePage
Gentoo Linux — Gentoo Linux News
Get Easy Peasy
Gibraltar Firewall – UTM Security Gateways – Home
gNewSense — free as in freedom
GNUstep – Everything is so … square and gray.
GoblinX Linux – porque beleza é fundamental
GoboLinux – the alternative Linux distribution
Good OS – gOS and Cloud operating systems
GParted — Live CD/USB/PXE/HD
Grafpup Linux Home
Granular Linux – The One Stop Distro
Greenie – Ubuntu spod Tatier – Linux Live-CD for sysadmins and texttools-users
Hacao Linux | Trang nhất
Hiweed GNU/Linux | 轻量级中文 Linux | 让一切跑得更快
Home at
Home – Damn Vulnerable Linux
Home Musix GNU+Linux
Home – Nexenta Project Wiki
Home : Secure Managed Desktops – Userful
home [TinyMe]
Home | Ubuntu Studio
Honeywall – Trac
iMagic OS | Home
Immobilien Fachwerkhaus, Landhaus, Bauernhof, Bauernhaus kaufen, Reiterhof, Aussiedlerhof, Fachwerkhäuser, Landhäuser, Bauernhöfe, Bauernhäuser, Reiterhöfe, Aussiedlerhöfe, Reitanlagen, Mühlen – finden Sie bei
Inicio :: The bad packets stop here! – the home of JAD
JCCM: MoLinux
Jibbed NetBSD LiveCD – Home
Join the moblin development community |
k12linux – Trac
Kaella – Knoppix Linux Azur :: GNU Linux Live system based on Debian, optimized for HD-install and high performance
Karoshi Linux – Home
Kiwi Linux
Knoppel – Knoppel – Οταν δεν σε θέλει… – Ειδήσεις
Kubuntu | linux for human beings | Kubuntu – Linux Distribution
Linguas OS – Linux for Translators / tradutores /
Linux LiveCD Router Firewall Software Appliance
Linux O-Net distro italiana networking connettività sicurezza email server
Linux OS | SUSE Linux Enterprise
Linux | The Bluewhite64 Linux Project: News
Linux XP Desktop 2008
Linux 人 >> Linux 业内动态 – 经济危机让IT主管更倾向Linux – 新闻
Lunar-Linux: It's out of this world!
Magic Linux 开发总部 | 没有实现不了的梦
Main Page – Linux Mint
Main Page – RockWiki
Main Page – SystemRescueCd
Mandriva Linux
Maryan Linux
MEPIS | Now Shipping Version 8.0
MirOS: Welcome at The MirOS Project
Momonga Linux
MURIX – Linux distribution optimized for x86 based computers – Home
My Settop Box
| Mythbuntu | Viewing Linux in a whole new way
Nature's Linux – Home
NetSecL Project
NETwork Security Consortium
Network Security Toolkit (NST v1.8.1)
NiigataLinux – FrontPage
NimbleX – The New Wave of Linux !
Nonux – de Nederlandse Linux Desktop – home
Noticias Guadalinex — Portal Guadalinex
Nova | Distribución Cubana de GNU/Linux, Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas
OliveBSD – OpenBSD Live CD
Omoikane Inc.
One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a low-cost, connected laptop for the world's children's education
OOPS Development Organization Linux Distribution AnNyung Official Homepage
Openfiler — Openfiler Homepage
OpenGEU Home
OpenLX Linux Home Page
openmamba – Ready to use GNU/Linux
OpenSource Development
Open Source Network Gateway | Untangle
OpenTLE.Org | Thai Open Source Software Development and Promotion Project
OzOS | The Reality Different
Paipix : HomePage
paldo – GNU/Linux Distribution
PapugLinux LiveCD distribution
:: Pardus :: TÜBİTAK/UEKAE ::
Parsix GNU/Linux :: A Gift From Ancient Persia
PC-BSD – Home
PCLinuxOS – Home
PelicanHPC: A GNU/Linux distribution to create a HPC cluster for MPI based parallel computing
pfSense Open Source Firewall Distribution – Home
Phayoune ISOFlash – Phayoune WiKi
Pie Box
PLD Linux Distribution – FrontPage
Polski Linux – KateOS Project Site
pQui Linux – Site Oficial – Inicial
Professional Open Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions – Ulteo – Enterprise Open Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery solutions
Proyecto UTUTO
Puppy Linux
PuppyLinux: What is TEENpup Linux?,Why would I want to use it over Windows or another Linux Distro?
PureOS | The World's Open Source Leader
redWall Firewall – Supplying offensive security products to the world
Rocks Clusters
rPath enables virtual appliances for cloud computing
Sabayon Linux Four Oh!
SAM Linux Desktop – Welcome
SaxenOS 2009
Schillix's Hompage | Main / HomePage
Scientific Linux – Welcome to Scientific Linux (SL)
Securepoint UTM Security Appliances: Firewall, VPN Server, Virus scanner, Content Filter, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, network, Antivirus, Antispam, Roadwarrior, IPSec
Selamat datang di BlankOn Linux | BlankOn Linux
Shift Linux :: debian based live cd development
Slackintosh Linux Project
Slax: your pocket operating system
SliTaz GNU/Linux
SME Server
Solaris Operating System
SoL – Server optimized Linux 25.00 – The sun is rising!
SourceMage_Wiki – SourceMage Wiki
start – ArcheOS
StartCom Linux – Home
start [KnoSciences – KnoMath]
Start ‎(Poseidon Linux – The Scientific GNU/Linux)‎
start [Ubuntu Muslim Edition]
T2 SDE – The Open System Development Environment
Technology Alignment's Pioneer Linux pages – homepage
TFM Group Software Home Page
The FreeBSD Project
The Igelle project –
The NetBSD Project
The RoFreeSBIE Project
The Slackware Linux Project
:: Thinstation – a light, full-featured Linux thin client OS ::
Topologilinux – [Running Linux inside Windows]
Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer
Trisquel GNU/Linux | ¡Vai por libre!
Truva GNU/Linux – Türkiyenin Linux Dağıtımı
:: Tuquito 3 ::
Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu
U-lite | A Rule Project
Ultimate Edition
Vine Linux Home Page
VMKnoppix: Collection of Virtual Machine
vnlinuxCD – Linux LiveCD cho người Việt!
Voltalinux | The Open Source Networking Community
wattOS :: Light-Fast-Now
Webconverger – the opensource Web Kiosk
Web Filtering, Internet Monitoring & Email Security | CensorNet
welcome to
Welcome to Express 3.0! –
Welcome to Linux From Scratch!
Welcome to Myrinix Debian LiveCD – Home
Welcome to Tiny Core Linux
Welcome to Turbolinux
Welcome to VectorLinux —
Where Debian meets Enlightenment
Wifislax – Inicios – presentación Wifislax
Wolvix GNU/Linux | Home – The Community ENTerprise Operating System – Ever tried zen computing?
Xandros: Linux Desktop and Server Operating Systems
X/OS Linux
xPUD – Small and Fast Linux LiveUSB
Xubuntu Home Page | Xubuntu
YES Linux – Home
YOPER: Your Operating System
مقاله ها – آشنایی با کارآمد : پورتال دپارتمان لینوکس شرکت داده پردازی ایران – لینوکس ایرانی – فارسی
نظام التشغيل أعجوبة لينكس [أعجوبة]
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