Playing with GIMP (still)

I have played with the vintage photo look quite a bit this week. My next piccy intrest though is cartooning piccys. I managed to take / make the following picture of Marie Zefferelli at the Blue Moon Bordello in Second Life.

Done by the following basic steps.

Colour –> Desturate

This makes the picture black and white, to me it looks more cartoonish when finished.

Filter –> Lights –> Add light of choice

Changes depending on what your screenies off and its surroundings. It adds a dash of colour to the pic though, makes it look a bit Sin City’ish.

Filter –> Artistic –> Cartoon

I set both sliders to max to get the maximum coverage of black and basic cartoon look. Adjust according to your needs, undo is your freind. 🙂

I also added fog to the picture (another filter) to give it some more… I dunno… Arty feels…. ^^ Afraid i dont have an artistic bone in my body so my stuff realy does look like asic chaff.

Thats more or less it. You may need to hand fill in some black and white as it can often come out to much one way or the other.


GIMP’s Cartoon Effects

Ive been playing with some of the effects in GIMP this last week, trying to get good at ‘arty stuff’. I didnt produce much other than naff badly edited piccys. However, 2 piccys that came out looking good were just slight filters using the cartoon effect.

I took some pictures of myself in Second Life. I am a winged puppy in game. I took pictures at a number of places untill i found myself in the wandering spirits sim, near a gallery (Neat Tricks owned by Kali Meads). I walked out of the gallery and stumbled into Urbania. A rough old joint at the best of times.

The area had a real mood to it so i wanted to take some pictures of myself there and make them look… Well gloomy… I guess… ^^

To get the effect you load up your picture into GIMP. Click Filter at the top. Select Artistic from the drop down, followed by Cartoon. It adds dark / black marks to shadow areas and lines everything with a black pencil line. It does what it says on the tin, makes things cartoony.

Below are my 2 fave pictures of the night. These are not massively artistic by any means, but i like them ^^ Playing with GIMP is fun ^^



Now to play with the dozens of other effects ^^

Filter –> Artistic –> Cartoon