E17 in Ubuntu

Wooo! E17 now have a repo for Ubuntu Jaunty. For some reason, neither the Easy_17 script worked for me, neither did the OzOs repo.

But this, this worked first time!


Go to System –> Software Sources and add the following repo under the Third Party Software tab.

deb http://packages.enlightenment.org/ubuntu jaunty main extras

Now click this clink and download the key :


Open up terminal where ever you downloaded the key and the key :

sudo apt-key add repo.key

Follow up with a :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install e17

And you away!


Playing with GIMP (still)

I have played with the vintage photo look quite a bit this week. My next piccy intrest though is cartooning piccys. I managed to take / make the following picture of Marie Zefferelli at the Blue Moon Bordello in Second Life.

Done by the following basic steps.

Colour –> Desturate

This makes the picture black and white, to me it looks more cartoonish when finished.

Filter –> Lights –> Add light of choice

Changes depending on what your screenies off and its surroundings. It adds a dash of colour to the pic though, makes it look a bit Sin City’ish.

Filter –> Artistic –> Cartoon

I set both sliders to max to get the maximum coverage of black and basic cartoon look. Adjust according to your needs, undo is your freind. 🙂

I also added fog to the picture (another filter) to give it some more… I dunno… Arty feels…. ^^ Afraid i dont have an artistic bone in my body so my stuff realy does look like asic chaff.

Thats more or less it. You may need to hand fill in some black and white as it can often come out to much one way or the other.

Installing XFCE4 4.6 on Xubuntu

(updated, new repo for XFCE 4.6, see here)

Ok, ive noticed theres a lot of google searches for my page popping up looking for install guides on how to install the new XFCE Desktop. So here is a quick guide. I ran this on Xubuntu Intrepid 8.10 without a hitch.

Right click this link and save it:


Ok, next we need to install a few things. Open terminal and enter the following :

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libice-dev libsm-dev libxpm-dev

Now navigate to the XFCE file you downloaded in terminal. I saved mine to my desktop, if you did too, just copy paste the following command.

cd Desktop

Now we change it into an executable file and run it. Copy paste these into your terminal.

chmod +x xfce4-4.6-installer.run

You will then be presented with a nice GUI to lead you the rest of the way.

I installed this on a vary sparse Xubuntu on a testing partition. I had a minor problem with a mix of 4.4 and 4.6 but nothing major. However, i have seen people running this and running into worse problems with 4.4 and 4.6 mixing. If your unsure and dont knot know what your doing, wait for it to come up in the repos. Jauntys not far away now and it will be in Jaunty.

Hope this helps someone