Linux has made it!

Well… For me any-ways…. Lucid Lynx has cracked it for me.

This has been the shortest blogging come back in history…. One half baked post as a guide to IDJC and that was it….

So I was musing today on why this was such a half baked return to Linux blogging… I think its not because I have nothing to say. Its because now days I don’t fiddle with Linux. more or less everything I do I do through a GUI. I still use PC’s constantly, I set up an Ubuntu network at work for the lads 2 years ago on Hardys release. The only time I have had to do anything to them was when I upgraded to Lucid recently. I am never called to the office because ‘something doesn’t work’ like I was every 10 minutes when they were set up by some fancy arse company that gave us Windows 2000 PC’s.

At home I use Linux daily for a few hours, DJing, Second Life, a bit of gaming, and lots of web stuff. But I don’t actually do anything to the PC’s… Everything I install takes 2 secounds and now terminal use now. Part of me is thank full. I have no viruses, no niggling problems, no firewall pop ups crying about something mundane. I don’t have to dive into terminal regularly any more. In fact Never… I haven’t used terminal in months except when checking commands for the guide below this. I installed Ubuntu Studio 64 bit so had Jack already ready to go and I installed everything I wanted in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

I have recently tried Mac and Windows 7. Mac I have never been able to get into… It looks fantastic, is meant to rarely break but I just cannot get into it… Windows 7 just felt same old… I also didn’t want to go back to virus checking and feeling paranoid about what im looking at on the web etc (I feel quite safe with Ubuntu).

So yeah for me Linux has made it. Wewt’s Tux!

As for this blog… What do I do with it? It gets hundreds of hits a day but I cant really put up guides for ‘How to do this with a GUI’. hat would be to hand holding. I also don’t want to go back to fiddling with my PC regularly. I will confess I used to break things regularly. Last breakage I had was back in…. Jauntys day?

Blah I will think of something… Might start blogging about cycling or motorcycling or something too. I dunnos… Well see 🙂


Playing with Gimp 2 – Vintage photos from Second Life

Leelou *The Elegance* Morigi

Ive been playing with gimp trying to make old photos this last few days and have been having some fun success. All pictures were taken in Second Life so of course start out full colour 3D like.

I would take the photo, Cut the bit that i wanted out and put it on a new canvas. Because most of the cuts were not exact sizes, i would start with a large canvas, paste in to the middle of it, then go Image –> Autocrop Image.

Once i had a nice neat piccy i would add a lens flare via Filters –> Light and Shadow –> Lens Flare. A bit of good placement of a flare makes a nice difference to the end result.

I then simply use 2 other filters, all options on both. Filters –> Artistic –> Apply Canvas, followed by Filters –> Decor –> Old Photo.

The end result is what you see above and below. The last picture being an original of the top picture of course. ^^

Flicker *The Rabbit* Amiot

Abriel *The Twisted* Ashbourne 2

Paola *The Wolf Lover* Paulino

Mags *the Lady* Indigo

Original naff of Mages *the lady* Indigo

Danger from the Deep

This game looks awesome! Its a submarine combat based game that is still in Alpha. I will hopefully have network play when its finished.

Danger from the Deep (known as dangerdeep or DftD) is a free (as in free speech), Open Source World War II german submarine simulator. The program and source code is available under the GPL license and most of the artwork/data is released under a Creative Commons license (Attribution/NonCommercial/Non-Derivative works).

DftD is currently being developed on Linux (i386 and AMD64) and Windows. There are binarys available for Linux (i386 and amd64), Windows (32bit) and there are some old packages for MacOSX. Danger from the Deep makes use of SDL/OpenGL and thus should be portable to other operating systems or platforms.

DftD has even been reported to work on:

* Windows (2000/XP/98)
* Linux (i386/x86-64/sparc64)
* FreeBSD (x86-64/sparc64/IA64)
* MacOS X (ppc64)

This game is planned as tactical simulation and will be as realistic as our time and knowledge of physics allows. It’s current state is ALPHA, but it is playable. If anyone want’s to contribute in development, you’re welcome, just email the dangerdeep-devel mailing list. Contributing binary packages for various Linux distributions would also be much appreciated.

Its still quite buggy (well, for me, really buggy) but it is playable. You can download the sourcecode from the website and compile it yourself. Have a nosey.

Danger from the Deep relaunched, and looking rather spiffing at the moment ^^

Ive been having a nosey around the new and improved recently and ive got say the new website is awesome! I absolutely love it!

It has a mix of blogs, news, guides, documentation, distro news all sorts. Very good, i have bookmarked the site and registered already of course.

I got into the site more though when i read the tour guide (yes there’s a tour of the website).

Go have a nosey, its a really good website now, theres a lot to see. 🙂

Complete Penumbra Set for $20

Artificial-Intelligence just posted up on Ubuntu Magazine that the whole Penumbra set of games are available for $20. Just passing the news on, go have a look 🙂 They are truly awesome games!

Installing Eternal Lands on Ubuntu

This guide is for Ubuntu (we have some sudo apt getting at the beginning) but is easily translatable to other distros.

Ok, first we will need a few things, open terminal and type / copy paste the following :

sudo apt-get install libsdl-net1.2 libsdl-image1.2 libglu1-mesa libcal3d12

Hop over to Eternal Lands download page and grab the Linux download and the sound download.

Personally i download all things to my desktop, if you download stuff to elsewhere you will need to tweak this a bit.

mkdir -p ~/.Games/EternalLands
cd ~/Desktop
cd el_install
chmod +x el.x86-64.linux.bin
mv * ~/.Games/EternalLands

Now we need to add in the sound file.

cd ~/Desktop
unzip -d ~/.Games/EternalLands

You should be ready to go 🙂 Hope someone finds this useful!

Hardware Drivers on minimal Ubuntu install

An odd post for some, but it seems there are quite a number of people baffled by it (including me once). That is that little application in Ubuntu that installs restricted hardware drivers. The packages you are looking for are called jockey and are either in synaptic or of course can be apt-get’ed in terminal and are as follows.

Gnome :

jockey-common jockey-gtk


jockey-common jockey-kde

Linux games sale

Tux Games are having a sale on their LGP games. Worth a nosey if your a gamer 🙂

13 May 2009
Following the sale over at LGP, we are reducing our prices on most LGP titles. The sale will last for the next 6 weeks, with discounts of up to 64%!

Linux Bookmark Project (brief update)

The previous version of the one i put up for download had about 400 downloads, so im glad some folk are at least trying it at least. ^^ Anywhos, after a week away from my PC in general (darned router issues) i am back and looking to carry this on this week.

My next bunch of bookmarks are hopefully going to be to Linux documentation. Something i have often felt Linux lacks. There is some good documentation out there on the web, just not much that your average non geek like person (aka me! ^^) can understand.

So, thats what i am looking for for the next bookmark project update.

Dofus 1.27 released!

Yes its been released! Wooooo! My Eni’s having a few issues solo’ing now… Booooo! >.< Blah, its all good though. Sacriers took the biggest team hit, but they are much better solo now.

The was a change to vitality / health that i like, you now get 5 health per level. You don’t get a refund for all the points you spent in vitality on older characters though. The downside is, you take un-healable damage in fights now. Well, i say downside, it does mean you cant have the 2 Eni’s everlasting fight situation anymore.

Theres also new special skills for all the classes. Meaning theres an equivalent of Felination for every class thats available at the temples. You have to beat your dopple to get it.

Heres a link to the Dofus websites details of the new update : LINKY

Hope to see you ingame!


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