Playing with Gimp 2 – Vintage photos from Second Life

Leelou *The Elegance* Morigi

Ive been playing with gimp trying to make old photos this last few days and have been having some fun success. All pictures were taken in Second Life so of course start out full colour 3D like.

I would take the photo, Cut the bit that i wanted out and put it on a new canvas. Because most of the cuts were not exact sizes, i would start with a large canvas, paste in to the middle of it, then go Image –> Autocrop Image.

Once i had a nice neat piccy i would add a lens flare via Filters –> Light and Shadow –> Lens Flare. A bit of good placement of a flare makes a nice difference to the end result.

I then simply use 2 other filters, all options on both. Filters –> Artistic –> Apply Canvas, followed by Filters –> Decor –> Old Photo.

The end result is what you see above and below. The last picture being an original of the top picture of course. ^^

Flicker *The Rabbit* Amiot

Abriel *The Twisted* Ashbourne 2

Paola *The Wolf Lover* Paulino

Mags *the Lady* Indigo

Original naff of Mages *the lady* Indigo


Clairede Dirval live at Blue Moons

Clairede Dirval is live at Blue Moons Weds 10 June at 2pm. Once her again her rocking voice graces our presence and she sing a mix of rock tunes with the most awesome voice! Its always a packed house when she sings, and for a good reason. She sings anything from ‘First Cut is the Deepest’ to ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’. Along with her faithful companion Heather Steampunk and an assortment of cracking fans (including a darned kitty!) she really does have the house dancing. ^^

If you use Ubuntu linux or one of its derivatives there’s a guide to installing Second life through Repos on this site (click Extra Linux Repos on the left of this page).

Claired Dirvals Website : Linkage

Blue Moon Bordello SLurl :

Sweets Wedding 2

Sweets Wedding 1

Iriskaye Siamendes at Blue Moons

Iriskaye Siamendes will be playing singing live at Blue Moons tonight! Ive heard her once and she sounds fantastic. She will begin singing at 2pm SL time tonight, the 3rd of June (10pm UK time). A SLurl to our land along with her performing a Christmas gig is below! 🙂

Edhausen Morpork In Concert at Blue Moon

Edhausen Morpork is playing live at the Blue Moon Bordello tonight! He has the most excellent voice!

Ed Hausen has been playing guitar and keyboard since the age of 11. Lead singer in RL band for over 30 years. Ed enjoys making music for his fans in Second Life. Married for 17 years to the love of his life Connie Chauveau. He sings the music styles Western Swing, Country, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Gospel.

He starts tonight at 3pm SL time (11pm UK time) at the Blue Moon Bordello, there is a link to our SLurl below so feel free to swing by 🙂 Also a video off him at Jazzers Paradise, go have a look, hes fantastic 🙂

SLurl to Blue Moon Bordello :

Blue Moon Bordello hosts its first wedding!

Sweetsmiling Merlin and her partner Patt joined together this week in Second Life and their party was hosted at the Blue Moon Bordello. There was drinking, dancing, stripping, and live music from Clairede Dirval!

It was of course, awesome!

I guess this means we are now open to hosting events! This is the second event we have hosted and it has been a roaring success!

So heres some piccys of the night, if you fancy visiting us or organizing an event with us yourself, follow the SLurl below and hop along to say hello! ^^

Sweets wedding 4

Sweets Wedding 2

Sweets wedding 3

Sweets Wedding 1

Comedy at Blue Moons

Yahaar! Its going to be good fun tonight! The club i work at in Second Life have a comedy night tonight. It is a strip and escort club, but we do like to think of ourselves as a venue, not just a bordello. ^^

Tonights acts are Raul Schroeder and Skye Vanistok. Raul is hysterical, and Skye looks to be a promising comedian in Second Life. ^^

The laughs begin at 2pm SL time (10pm UK time) and will be held in the Blue Moon Bordello. Follow the SLurl below to find us.

Talking of Skye, i have just found his blog, have a look to me a rather odd bear angel 🙂

Blue moon bordello is recruiting dancers

Well, we are a week into the new club and its been a fantastic and busy week! We have established a sort of vintage theme to the place and are becoming known for it. This club is being seen far more as a venue than just a strip club which is awesome! The girls have all been passing around landmarks to steampunk and vintage style clothes shops.

We also have a line up of nightly events from stand up comedy to live music. Pretty good rolling aye?

However, we are certainly finding that we need more dancers at Blue Moon. We have a some awesome girls but we only tend to have 2 of them in at a time. So when they both go on a pass (has happened a few times) we get left without strippers in the club. Pain in the bum as you can imagine.

So i guess this is a bit of blatant advertising spam on my blog. If you are looking to become a stripper in Second Life, drop me a note in game or swing by us at the landmark below 🙂

The gang at Blue Moon

Changing to a new avi

Ive had the same winged puppy avatar in Second Life for about a year. I have never changed in all that for more than a day. I generally act like a happy silly puppy all of the time so the cute pup look has always been right for me.


However, with all the move and the new club and new begginings and all that jazz i have looked into changing my avatar. I found a new one, its the absolute opposite of my cute little puppy. Its frickin huge. It came with a saddle and i can be ridden by human avis. I quite like it. ^^


I do really like it, even though im to big to move about, i have trouble controlling my sized avatar in enclosed spaces. I think im going to shop about and see what other avis i can get though. The thing is, its not… I dunno… Naiki enough…. ^^ Its not the little puppy im used to being. Blah. ^^

I will enjoy being Naiki the big dumb dog instead of Naiki the daft little puppy for a while, but i dont think this is a permanant change yet. 😦

Blue Moons grand opening!

The Blue Moon Bordello is having its grand opening at 2pm SL tme tonight! *yay*

A quick description of our new home!

The Blue Moon –

Once a splendid art deco seaside establishment – The Blue Moon has slid into a state of disrepair and misuse. Frequented by drunks, jazz musicians and refugees from Hemingway and Greene novels – the Blue Moon is home to ‘good time girls’ who entertain the masses and cater to the diverse needs of rakish gals & guys. This is a place of fantasy and slow rhythms, soft bluesy jazz and hot sultry nights.


We have an awesome vintage look and feel. A cracking beach with proper linden water to swim in! Several sky boxes for our escort service and of course fantastic pole filled stages for our dancers and the live acts we will have!

Speaking of live acts, tonight at 2pm SL time we have the incredible Clairede Dirval singing for a full hour! She is an absolute must see! Ive raved about her quite a few times on my blog, cause, well, she sounds awesome! ^^

Our SLurl is :

Come and say hello and party into the wee hours with us 🙂

Life after Destiny for the pup

Ok, Destiny broke up and reformed with new management the other day as i said. I was still freinds with most of the girls untill one night im standing in the new Destiny and a blatant alt character comes in and starts speaking in way that was an obvious attempt at seeing if i was passing messages to the new club formed by Mags Indigo and Leelou Morigi. She later turns up at Mags and Lees club and continues to pretend shes not an alt. Then I had an attempts made on me to mine me for information.*takes breath* Gave me the arse so bad i left and havent spoken to them scince. I mean come on, we were all such good freinds and they starting doing that petty crap to me? Blah! Silly folks! Just lost a good loyal freind.

I wont be going back to Destiny now. When the magic is gone and folk stop treating you like a person, its time to move on.

In my case i will be moving onto Mags and Lees new club, The Blue Moon Bordello. I will provide the SLurl later on. Its gone back to being about atmosphere more than money, more about being a good fun strip and escort club than a money driven business. Saying that the takings on the first 3 days have been good and we arnt officially open yet! The grand opening is tonight and we have Clairede Dirval playing for us *yays!*. I even have a new avatar (gone from being a tiny pup to a huge giant doggy ^^).

I will post more details on the club later today. Clairede will be playing at 2pm SL time (10pm UK time). I took my best picture in an online game which im eager to get up on flickr, so i will post that later on too. Its been a busy and emotional week but im looking to a happy online future 🙂

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