IDJC Shoutcast setup guide

IDJC – Internet DJ Console….. It uses Jack…. This thing had me stumped for the longest time…. I just couldn’t seem to get it to work… I do however now use it all the time. So a simple guide to those who needs to use it. Written for Ubuntu of course.

First of all we need Jack. Open a terminal and enter :

sudo apt-get install jackd qjackctl

Open Limits.conf

sudo gedit /etc/security/limits.conf

Add the following lines into the file :

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
@audio - nice -19

Save and close.

Now open System > Administration > Users and Groups

Click the keys where it says click to make changes, put in your password. Click Manage groups. You should find one called audio, if not, add group and call it audio. Add yourself to it.

Log out and in again.

Run Jack, you should find it in Sound and Video.

Click Setup. Below is a couple of pictures of my set up screens. Mimic them, if it doesnt work, you can tweak them.

Screenshot-Setup - JACK Audio Connection Kit

Ok few things in this window.

Realtime – Some people find its better to have it turned off, some people cant get it to work at all with this ticked.

Frames/Peroid – I have this down to 256. My partner has it at 1024. My friend has it a 2048. Youll have to play with this a bit.

Interface – This is where it takes the sound from. If you have a funny sound set up, multiple sound cards, usb sound devices, you may need to tweak this.

Screenshot-Setup - JACK Audio Connection Kit-1

Should work for everyone.


Should work for everyone.


Personal preferences. But this is my set up.

Ok, we have Jack set up, Wewt wewt! Now for IDJC. Open a terminal and give it a :

sudo apt-get install idjc

If you want Shoutcast aswell Icecast give one of these aswell :

sudo apt-get install libmp3lame0 libmp3lame0-dev

If you dont install these Shoutcast will be greyed out in the options. Now open Internet > IDJC

Click Server, drag the boxes bottom corner and expand it out, i mean right out! Theres a lot of options and stuff here but every time i set this up it opens as a tiny little window.

This is how i have mine set up. Password poofed of course.


Once its all filled in hit Server Connect. Should start streaming straight away. Simply drag songs out of nautilus into playlist 1 and hit play. You can make a playlist in Rythmbox, highlight the whole playlist and drag it into playlist 1. Means you can pre make them, save them, use them later etc. Press the big mic button in the bottom right corner to talk. I pause the music as the song ends and do my talking but i guess thats DJ dependant.

Anywhos, thous a IDJC shoutcast guide.


E17 in Ubuntu

Wooo! E17 now have a repo for Ubuntu Jaunty. For some reason, neither the Easy_17 script worked for me, neither did the OzOs repo.

But this, this worked first time!

Go to System –> Software Sources and add the following repo under the Third Party Software tab.

deb jaunty main extras

Now click this clink and download the key :

Open up terminal where ever you downloaded the key and the key :

sudo apt-key add repo.key

Follow up with a :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install e17

And you away!

Ubuntu Full Circle Free Magazinel

I was reminded of this cracking free download magazine yesterday. its a downloadable free magazine about Ubuntu of course.

I went looking for all my old issues last night and in true distro hopper style realised they had been swallowed by the hard drive monster yonks ago. I grabbed the most recent issue and after a quick read found it to still be a really good quality magazine.

Now why cant they sell it in newsagents eh? ^^

Have a nosey and download a copy yourself, its free so whats stopping you? ^^

Ubuntu user magazine

I spotted a new magazine in WHSmiths today. Its was called Ubuntu-User and was made by the same people that make Linux-Magazine.

I snarffled a copy of it of course. Now, much though im happy Ubuntu has gotten big enough to make people feel its worth its own magazine, and much though the articles were ok, i wont be buying the secound issue unless it bulks out a bit.

I found myself wondering about the steep price of £8 for such a thin magazine with such little content. Even the disk is a free download and is on the front of every other Linux magazine about.

Anywhos, if your interested you can find their website at ;

Happy reading!

Installing Eternal Lands on Ubuntu

This guide is for Ubuntu (we have some sudo apt getting at the beginning) but is easily translatable to other distros.

Ok, first we will need a few things, open terminal and type / copy paste the following :

sudo apt-get install libsdl-net1.2 libsdl-image1.2 libglu1-mesa libcal3d12

Hop over to Eternal Lands download page and grab the Linux download and the sound download.

Personally i download all things to my desktop, if you download stuff to elsewhere you will need to tweak this a bit.

mkdir -p ~/.Games/EternalLands
cd ~/Desktop
cd el_install
chmod +x el.x86-64.linux.bin
mv * ~/.Games/EternalLands

Now we need to add in the sound file.

cd ~/Desktop
unzip -d ~/.Games/EternalLands

You should be ready to go 🙂 Hope someone finds this useful!

Hardware Drivers on minimal Ubuntu install

An odd post for some, but it seems there are quite a number of people baffled by it (including me once). That is that little application in Ubuntu that installs restricted hardware drivers. The packages you are looking for are called jockey and are either in synaptic or of course can be apt-get’ed in terminal and are as follows.

Gnome :

jockey-common jockey-gtk


jockey-common jockey-kde

Linux games sale

Tux Games are having a sale on their LGP games. Worth a nosey if your a gamer 🙂

13 May 2009
Following the sale over at LGP, we are reducing our prices on most LGP titles. The sale will last for the next 6 weeks, with discounts of up to 64%!

Savage 2 : Ubuntu Linux Installation Guide

A brief Savage 2 installation guide for 32 bit and 64 bit Ubuntu Linux.

When i download files from the internet they land on my desktop. So the secound line should be changed if you download files to elsewhere. Also, the version of Savage 2 at the time of writing this is Savage2Install-1.5.0. If the version you download is different you will have to change the path to the savage .bin file.

32 Bit

Enter the following lines into terminal.

mkdir ~/.Games
cd ~/Desktop
chmod +x Savage2Install-1.5.0-x86_32.bin

You will now get a graphical installer. It will ask you for a destination to install, if you just click next it will install and be visible in your home file so just change the destination path to /home/USERNAME/.Games/Savage2. That way it will install into your hidden ./games file.

64 bit

Enter the following lines into terminal.

mkdir ~/.Games
cd ~/Desktop
chmod +x Savage2Install-1.5.0-x86_64.bin

You will now get a graphical installer. It will ask you for a destination to install, if you just click next it will install and be visible in your home file so just change the destination path to /home/USERNAME/.Games/Savage2. That way it will install into your hidden ./games file.

Savage 2 should now appear in your games menu. Now go kick some smelly humans about! GO BEAST! ^^




Three Linux Second Life Clients

So you all know i love Second Life by now, and you may have seen my link to CaptainTerras Repo for the omvviewer Second Life client (LINK HERE). But what other options do you have, and why is there 3 clients?

Second Life SE Client

This is the basic SL client that is on Linden Labs official website. Its very basic and i am told quite buggy. I only had one or two bugs using it over a 3 month period. But i have been told over and over that i am an exception to the rule. Last time i downloaded this client, i just un-tarred the download, opened up the folder it gave me and hit the file called secondlife. Easy peasey to install. ^^

Click here for download


Abbreviated from Open Metaverse Viewer. This is my favorite client. It has a few add ons that i use all the time. Mainly the Avatar panel. It allows you to see who is around you and what distance they are from you. It also allows you to moderate a piece of land from this panel. For me that makes it so much easier banning people from the club i work at that run around naked screaming silly things. ^^ As mentioned above there is an Ubuntu Repository for this client.

Click here for Repo guide

Cool Viewer

Cool Viewer is my least used one. It has a lot of bug fixes in. It also has a sort of feature freeze on the official client. Occasionally Linden labs makes changes to the client that do not go down so well with the players. Cool Viewer keeps back some of the old features that get tweaked or removed.

Click here to download Cool Viewer

I hope you find this useful if your looking for other viewers to play with, or if you want to give Second Life a go. See you in game! ^^

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