Linux has made it!

Well… For me any-ways…. Lucid Lynx has cracked it for me.

This has been the shortest blogging come back in history…. One half baked post as a guide to IDJC and that was it….

So I was musing today on why this was such a half baked return to Linux blogging… I think its not because I have nothing to say. Its because now days I don’t fiddle with Linux. more or less everything I do I do through a GUI. I still use PC’s constantly, I set up an Ubuntu network at work for the lads 2 years ago on Hardys release. The only time I have had to do anything to them was when I upgraded to Lucid recently. I am never called to the office because ‘something doesn’t work’ like I was every 10 minutes when they were set up by some fancy arse company that gave us Windows 2000 PC’s.

At home I use Linux daily for a few hours, DJing, Second Life, a bit of gaming, and lots of web stuff. But I don’t actually do anything to the PC’s… Everything I install takes 2 secounds and now terminal use now. Part of me is thank full. I have no viruses, no niggling problems, no firewall pop ups crying about something mundane. I don’t have to dive into terminal regularly any more. In fact Never… I haven’t used terminal in months except when checking commands for the guide below this. I installed Ubuntu Studio 64 bit so had Jack already ready to go and I installed everything I wanted in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

I have recently tried Mac and Windows 7. Mac I have never been able to get into… It looks fantastic, is meant to rarely break but I just cannot get into it… Windows 7 just felt same old… I also didn’t want to go back to virus checking and feeling paranoid about what im looking at on the web etc (I feel quite safe with Ubuntu).

So yeah for me Linux has made it. Wewt’s Tux!

As for this blog… What do I do with it? It gets hundreds of hits a day but I cant really put up guides for ‘How to do this with a GUI’. hat would be to hand holding. I also don’t want to go back to fiddling with my PC regularly. I will confess I used to break things regularly. Last breakage I had was back in…. Jauntys day?

Blah I will think of something… Might start blogging about cycling or motorcycling or something too. I dunnos… Well see 🙂


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